Resurrected Hearts | Leo Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse

Resurrected Hearts | Leo Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology Tarot Forecast

Image Credit: Artwork ‘Deliberation’ by Mario Sanchez Nevado

This new week continues with yesterday’s hydrated Cancer Moon, overflowing into Monday January 29, and Tuesday morning, January 30. In an attempt to move forward, we may notice how drenched this particular energy feels. This fluidity can actually help us to follow the direction that feels most comfortable and secure. Waves of vibrations will flow freely, releasing restless moods and/or delicate expressions from the heart. It may even feel as if we’re being stretched in two different directions…. either toward our shining truth, or to where we can remain hidden within our own shadows.

Life is a sum of all your choices. Albert Camus

Leo Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse. As the Full Moon rises on Wednesday January 31, so will sensitivity, moods and vulnerabilities. Intentions that were sent out during the New Moon will come to peak. Secrets are revealed. What has remained unknown and in the dark, will be uncovered. The truth of who we are, and what we desperately need is unveiled under this sacred light. Offer gratitude for whatever is gained and received at this time.

The Full Moon is a time to shine, but it is also a time for closures, release, letting go and endings. With the Full Moon in magnificent Leo, we are taking care of our majestic needs and royal securities through self-expression, romance and creativity. Hearts will be on fire; setting courageous sparks to what (or who) helps us to feel passionate, confident and alive, once again.

This is a rare and intense, fiery Moon; where the lunar energy is also magnified as a Super Moon, a Blue Moon, a Blood Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. Feelings and emotions will be bubbling and boiling hot… but then again, so will the magick of our initiative, artistry and spirit. Know that if we are to rise and lead; we must be willing to burn. Set fire to your own true essence.

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. Pablo Picasso

Shortly after this cosmic event, Mercury will shift from structured Capricorn on Wednesday, and into abstract Aquarius for the next three weeks. As we burn and disintegrate from all that has hindered our confidence and excellence… our thoughts, communications and small travels will leap tall walls once again; into a revolution, where innovation, individuality and freedom exist. As we shift from our own comfort zone, and see what is available outside of the box that we’ve created – our vision will greatly improve, with new solutions right around the corner. Starcana weekly tarot: Seeing the truth as cracks are exposed. [Tower/TenSwordsRx]  For more insight, check out the February Tarotscope. Stay lit and productive! ~Suzi xx 

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  1. I love this quote by Pablo Picasso, Hurricanes have always been my driving force. Literally. I have been forced into every major change in my life by one, or a cluster of them one right after the other

  2. kindred spirit… our blood type is chaos. ❤️