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Our week ahead is fueled up, beneath a passionate Scorpio Moon on Monday April 2. And as we become more familiar with the deep, intense hunger that continues to gnawing at us  – the more encouraged we’ll feel to sacrifice what is necessary – to transform our strength, back into our own hands.

A quick mention with apologies here too, as the Starcana Cosmic Dirt newsletter was scheduled to be delivered on Sunday – but an issue was experienced with its delivery. Thanks Mercury retrograde.

And as we release, in order to receive… or give, to take… it could feel as if we’re clumsy in doing the cha-cha dance with a weighty Mars/Saturn conjunction on Monday, April 2. It may be experienced as if we’ve got one foot on the pedal, while the other foot is on the break. In this energy, a deep sense of fear could also rise in what we’re chasing – because as we take one step forward, we seemingly fall two steps backwards with the influence of Mercury Retrograde. We may need to decide if we should conquer the obstacle, situation or another – or to instead, conquer our own personal limitation.

If I want to be great I have to win the victory over myself… self-discipline. Harry S Truman

By Wednesday April 4, Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius, and we’re more likely to travel, overstep boundaries and hope for the best. While this powerful vibration from the Mars/Saturn conjunction can help us to push ourselves forward (if we’ve been doing our homework) – the drive could still end up being a rocky one. Hesitation, from sense of caution could move us into reverse; as doubts and/or detours cross our path – especially as a frustrated Mercury retrograde squares the regulated Mars/Saturn conjunction on Wednesday April 4 and Thursday April 5.

Many of the great achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged men who kept on working. Oscar Wilde.

The earthy Venus/Saturn trine and structured Capricorn Moon on Saturday April 7, suggests a positive time for getting back to basics. Gravitate back toward roots; to strengthen values and our current reality. In doing so, we can practice being unshakable – as different challenges rise on Sunday. Starcana weekly tarot: Satisfaction runs into complications. [World/KnightCupsRx] More insight available on April Tarotscope. Have a positive week! ~Suzi xx

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