Ring of Fire | Lunar Eclipse, Uranus Sun Opposition

Cosmic Dirt Astrology ~  Grand Fire Trine, Ring of fireUranus/Sun opposition. Energy continues to increase this week, but perhaps you’ve already experienced its movement, shifting areas of your life. In ways, we’ve been jumping through hoops, led to and fro with Libra Sun encouraging connections and relationships.. while stepping back to keep balance for ourselves with Uranus retrograde. Tuesday’s Uranus/Sun opposition will challenge our attempts with unpredictable shake-ups. Unprepared happenings encounter a surprise element of defiance, stirring rude awakenings in the resistance of individuality. Courageous adjustments will be required in our relationships, as we’re inspired to fearlessly glide toward higher distances – based on our raw truth.

Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work. Gustave Flaubert 

Aries Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse. While we’re breaking free of limitations, a Full Moon rises in warrior Aries, which supports our need to take care of  ‘number one’, and to nurture and protect ourselves. Defenses are raised, as we’re ready to stand and fight for our cause. And like the ram that is symbolized in the zodiac for Aries – we can aggressively ram others and butt heads… should someone decide get in our way to where we’re going. In the process, we’re showing off our fearless strength to gain territory, and the advantage – altho effects may show up in ways of migraines, headaches, sinus, vision and jaw/ear issues. And while the Lunar Eclipse is magnifying turbulent emotions, it also signifies change, with an end to a cycle.

Mars/Jupiter trine, Sun/Jupiter sextile. We’re moved in extreme ways from Wednesday’s Lunar Eclipse, recent New Moon intentions, but also from the intense flames of the Grand Fire trine and the re-ignited Grand Cross. Paths that have been weak and heavily congested are bravely overridden, as bold new roads are paved for expansion under Wednesday’s Mars/Jupiter trine, and Friday’s Sun/Jupiter sextile. Opportunities with great potential to dazzle brilliantly are available in areas of work, personal development, creativity, passion, travel, higher learning, and spiritual enrichment.

We love the things that destroy us, because in that destruction we truly feel alive. Robert Pobi

As we move through this ring of fire, we have the capability to destroy, purify and create something incredibly magnificent. Change is in the making. And if we can trust the process, we should understand that through the break-ups and the breakdowns, are the breakthroughs. Strain may be experienced in our relationships under Wednesday’s Venus/Pluto square and Saturday’s Venus/Uranus opposition. We can either feed into the upscale drama at this time, or we can protectively fuel the fire that will guide us to our destination. And as we start to crack the code on this road to self-discovery – true colors shall shine – as inner truth breaks free from the darkness.

Mercury re-enters Libra. Mercury in investigative Scorpio went retrograde last weekend. In this back-stepping movement, Mercury revisits indecisive Libra on Friday, reminding us to seek fairness and kindness in our connections. Perhaps the October Tarotscope might offer additional insight – but considering all the fiery energy that is being ignited, something will be rekindled for transformation (Pluto). Just be careful when playing with fire. Weekly Tarot Toss: PageSwords/HighPriestess: Be aware of words unspoken.

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