Romancing the Brave, Venus enters Aries, Aries New Moon

Romancing the Brave, Venus enters Aries Aries New Moon, Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology

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Values, love and money begin to shift on Tuesday April 5 as Venus exists from romantic Pisces, to enter warrior Aries. During the next four weeks, it can be much less about ‘them’ and ‘their’ longings, and just more about ‘me’ and ‘my’ yearnings. In this child-like energy, raw hunger is being stirred; heating up a passionate need’ to ‘conquer and win’ in a ‘cat and mouse’ pursuit. An appetite for playfulness, mischief, risk and a fight is growing – to develop our inner warrior, ego and creative spirit.

I have had to fight like hell and fighting like hell has made me what I am. John Arbuthnot Fisher

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Mercury also changes signs on Tuesday, shifting thoughts, communications and short travel from daring Aries, into grounded Taurus. Through common sense and patience, we’ll seek a steady and reliable path for continued growth; without having to forfeit too much. We’ll seriously look through the foundations of our personal possessions, but also into weighty attachments and rocky priorities. As we eye-up to measure where real support exists, we’ll have a better chance to see where immobility and stubborn walls exist.

While we strengthen from a disciplined Sun/Saturn trine on Tuesday, we’re also challenged to let go with a complicated Sun/Pluto square on Wednesday April 6. A New Moon in heroic Aries on Thursday April 7 encourages us to take care of our own needs first, so that we can be of better assistance for others. At the same time, the Aries Moon can often enhance some sense of immaturity and/or competitiveness, so it may be wiser to remain aware, mindful and kind – so that other warriors may find their own way too.

Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant. Maya Angelou

This new lunar cycle is the ideal time to start fresh; creating new beginnings and possibilities, while embarking on new projects and adventures. With a powerful connection to Sun/Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus/Pluto, journey a new road that challenges us to release what we’ve outgrown – so that we comfortably bloom into our own skin and a more meaning purpose. Embrace quality time into your quietness to fantasize, wish, dream and to sow your New Moon intentions. Tarot insight from FourSwords/PriestessRX: Adjusting to re-center. More insight available with the April Tarotscope.

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