Satisfaction through Self-Reliance

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A heavenly view from our side deck reminds me to ‘just breathe’.

Taurus Full Moon. When we invest ourselves into a practice of reflection or meditation, we can eventually learn how to appreciate the present, and the healing power of letting go. Perhaps this could be something to consider this week; as sensitive vulnerabilities continue to expand with the Full Moon on Tuesday October 27. During the Full Moon, our thoughts and New Moon intentions come to a peak, bringing exposure to what has remained secretive or in the dark. What is necessary and illuminates truth; is released – resulting in endings and finales. And with the Full Moon grinding hard and steadily in determined Taurus, we’ll be more encouraged to finish up with what we’ve been working on in the last few weeks.

The greatest achievement of the human spirit is to live up to one’s opportunities and make the most of one’s resources. Vauvenargues, Marquis

A heavy influence on the Full Moon comes from enterprising Saturn, as pressure will be applied to the brakes. By slowing down our restless need to ‘hurry up and get things done’, we can actually utilize this quality time for getting more for our money, time and energy. Through quality investment, we can learn how to become tolerant and wise, but also a little self-indulgent. Enjoy the scenic route this week, and appreciate what you experience along with way! Tarot insight from FiveCupsrx/Wheel: Change through loosening our grip. Have a safe halloween, with samhain blessings! And remember to to turn your clock back one hour as daylight saving ends. 

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  1. Your best piece of advice resonates well with my wounded heart….she is moving in, helping me find furniture for the house, dishes, curtains…. material illusions to a pisces like me who looks at her phone and sees intimate text messages to other men as if she is taking my car and seeing them while im at work… I ask if she is going to be faithful to me, to be true… its these little doubts when she says she is not ready for a relationship and that I should protect my heart… I need to slow down before making any rash decisions like bailing on my lease, job, and this relationship, throwing caution to the wind and with it all these venus illusions of love… what sick trick do the Gods really play with the strings of my heart…. Your monday readings leave us fool moon fishes with not much to defend against the horns of this aries woman….

    By slowing down our restless need to ‘hurry up and get things done’, we can actually utilize this quality time for getting more for our money, time and energy. Through quality investment, we can learn how to become tolerant and wise, but also a little self-indulgent. Enjoy the scenic route this week, and appreciate what you experience along with way!

    How exactly can we see the truth?

  2. Thanks much!