Saturday January 1, 2011

Starcana Cosmic Dirt ~ Daily Astrology, Planetary Weather, Astrological HappeningsHappy New Year! Yesterday was a celebration of all that you learned through trial and error, and today we celebrate a brand new year. Use this new cycle of your life to experiment with a brand new attitude, and a smarter way of handling life’s sticky situations. The cosmos are quiet today, as there are no aspects in the skies today, so we get to make our own choices with no help or detours from the cosmos.

2011 is a strong year as it is based on the number four ( 2+0+1+1=4). All the busyness and disruptions that 2010 may have brought, was about being quick with our head and actions, with the ability to do and make choices for ourselves, without much thought about being responsible for others or our actions. It was a year based on masculine energy, to move forward and put ourselves out into the world. Now in 2011, we have a year that is less bold, vibrating female energy. We will now create our own solid foundations with less distraction from others, giving us much valuable time to nurture what we have. This is where I like to say that our life, work, family, relationships, all become our ‘baby’ or ‘pet project’. Four’s produce conservation, inner strength, and determination, so that we can build something much more stronger and secure in our lives. We wrap ourselves into our own little world, ‘mothering’ what surrounds us, which enables emotional and spiritual healing.

After all the earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters, I believe we’ll all have some time to pick up the pieces, and plan better for the future. The earth will take care of her wounds and do what she needs to mend. We’ll also be defending what is ours more carefully, genuine efforts will be produced to take care of our earth, while stronger enforcements will be generated to take better care of  the people and protect the country. Manufacturing strengthens, jobs are created, money increases, with a possibility of job groups or unions becoming popular again to protect workers. Stronger armor is displayed in shielding what is ours, such as looking out for our neighbors, sheltering children and elderly, and safeguarding our food and products. Yes, after the mayhem and disorder, 2011 brings something quieter, calmer, and peaceful… but it will take much work and willpower. If you want it, you can create it. It just doesn’t come along for cheap.

I’ve always been fascinated with nature, weather, and its intensity and strength. What may have lasted in hundreds of years can been instantly destroyed in a matter of a few seconds with its force. I think if I could have another career in my life, I’d love to be a storm-chaser. I find that disasters of any kind, come along to simplify our life, to help prioritize what really matters when we lose track. Four’s provide us with the time that we need to look at our lives and see what’s left after all hell broke loose. You become very aware of what you are left with after a storm, which is what you have to work with, and be grateful for. It is a year of awareness. The calm after the storm. Reality enters our world, and we have to make the most from it. ‘May you know right now, that all you have to be is who you are.’ Tarot insight from King of Cups, Seven of Swords ~ Be generous, loving, and very wise.

Since my blog is brand spankin’ new, I thought I’d share a recent message from the Starcana Mailbag: “Suzi…..I’m a relative newcomer to your reports, and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate getting them.  You have a very “nice” way of translating what is occuring, in a kind of one-on-one way.  The quotes you select, are sometimes perfect, so as to be memorable.  I was wondering why you chose the word “dirt” and your explanation was really interesting.  It seemed so “flighty” for such a grounded writer.  No offense! but I would have chosen “earth”….keep up the excellent reporting, and have a very good New Year!” Double AQ

Thank you so much Double, and no offense taken. I get a lot of interesting mail, and I love the individual views of my work. You got a great eye, as I am greatly grounded and laid back (when I’m not cracking jokes and being my funny Sagittarian self). I thought about using ‘earth’ or ‘ground’ for the title, but they were just too common or ‘nice’ to keep my creative interest. Despite my grounded ways, I have a lot of aspects to my natal Uranus rx in Leo that dares me to shock the unimaginative and monotonous (which yes, can be quite the curse in a more conservative world) because I enjoy ‘testing’ what is considered ‘safe and normal’ with something a little more ‘flighty and out there’ (Uranus), and that’s what Dirt does for me. Thank you so much for your letter and Have a blessed, safe, and healthy new year!

Don’t forget to make a wish. It’s 1/1/11. A powerful number that speaks to each of us, in so many unique ways. leave a comment below as to what this highly vibrational number means to you, I’d love to hear your views. Peace out, Starcana