Saturday January 15 Horoscope

Starcana Cosmic Dirt ~ Daily Astrology, Planetary Weather, Astrological HappeningsWe experiencing less weight in our mood this morning as Luna enters free-spirited Gemini. We’re punching the clock when it comes to tasks, duties, and responsibilities, we’re and ready to jump back into life again. Socializing with friends and family are favorable with the Gemini Moon, as well as taking a trip, reading, learning something new, communications, writing, as well as collecting advice and new information.

After dinner, here on the eastern time zone, Mars (energy, action) enters the intellectual and rebellious realm of Aquarius for six weeks. Where we would have been steady and stern in achieving goals with Mars in Capricorn ~ with Mars in Aquarius, we’re experimenting with ideas that haven’t been used, while searching for inspiration on an unlearned path. We’re openly resistant against traditional and the same old routine, and stepping into nontraditional options – to find a bigger meaning to our life. We’re making life happen now, by doing what may come natural or un-natural to ourselves, with no regards as to what others will think. We’re renovating our world, and reinventing ourselves. For those who are still frustrated with their life because they may not have done the work, Mars in Aquarius will physically move you. The direction most likely will be about you finding faith with life, people, and more importantly with yourself. In your personal search, you may be leading yourself back to your religion or personal belief system, going to professionals for higher knowledge, enlisting in classes or new training, or picking yourself up and relocating. We’re all individual and unique, meaning we each have our own way of handling things, because we each have different perspectives. I like to remind people that we are all ‘special’, therefore we all make independent choices. We each feed our brain differently, and we digest information in our own way. We are on a search, and we act on it immediately. We’re looking for a change and pursuing our idea of happiness. We’re making an effort to change into the person we are, rather than adjust to who we were. It’s evolution, and it was bound to happen. Now we must do the research to figure out which path we should take.

As Mars acts out in Aquarius, his fiery passion burns brighter with intellect, but can become self-entitled and defiant. Change is brewing and the ferocious winds will be delivering it. The energy is favorable for business advertising and promotion, company take-overs, proving our capabilities on the job, mixing with a social circle, and stretching ourselves in directions to get employment. Frustrations in the work force can heat up, so cool your heels, as some may be ready to ‘take their job and shove it’. In relationships, defiance is tricky, so be wise with moves. We could use this energy to defy all doubt by completely opening up to show our true selves, or we could defy any commitment, by breaking ties to get the space that we crave. Favorable aspects in the morning encourage us to get our tasks done, as confusion can set in later in the day. ‘People don’t change…. they reveal’. Tarot insight from the Nine of Wands rx, Five of Pentacles: Quit fighting with what you have no control over, and prepare to make a sacrifice. We must weed to grow. Make it a happening day. Starcana


  1. I’m inspired. Thanks Suzi!

  2. Thank you Renee, good luck! :o)


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