Saturn Station Retrograde, Restrictions Demand Restructure, Astrology for February 18, 2013

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Saturn the Taskmaster has stationed retrograde today, which will give the illusion of shifting in reverse. And as in the cosmos, where we thought we may have been producing and moving forward, our efforts will come to a strong halt. As above, So below. So what we may have presumed to be an effort to strengthen our work, career, finances, reputation, and investments… comes to a pause. New and/or existing projects can be placed on the side burner during this time, or someone may decide to pull the plug on what we had assumed was working.

In the Saturn retrograde, direction will slow down and become much more limiting. The more that we are given, the more time we have to experience and learn The one thing that we should remember, is that when tough times and hardships happen, we have an opportunity to learn about consequences AND accountability. Decisions that we have already chosen, created this very moment – including the decisions that we chose to ignore. Taking care of our responsibilities forms great strength and inner power. Should we decide to let others do all of our work for us, then they are the ones who will gain all of our knowledge and strength. Excuses are a choice to stay weak and play the victim. It’s ’cause and effect’.

Saturn retrograde will evenly distribute heavenly treasures in which we can learn from, by putting our reality right infront of our face. And now that the Sun has entered Pisces today, some may choose to close their eyes, and see what they want to see. Whether people want to admit it, it is a blessed gift to come face to face with our worst fear. It makes us braver and stronger. But whether we choose to learn from it, well, that’s another story… but it is what will decide our fate, destination, and maturity. And let’s not forget karma. Should you be the one to create blame, and assume that ‘it isn’t me, it’s them’ approach. If so, then there is something major to learn about your own truth… your own integrity.. and your own character.

Nothing will work unless you do. Maya Angelou

Through the next five months of Saturn’s retrograde, we should use this time to take a good hard look at the inner world that we’ve built for ourself, by re-assessing our own strengths, but even more so, our own weaknesses. If life, work, or love has become sloppy, the real foundation sloppiness has been built from inside. Who we are, has built this moment, whether you relax in happiness, or suffer in misery… it is by your own choice. These may be tough words, but it’s a tough world out there. Plus Saturn enjoys it tough and hard, because restrictions teach us limitations, which teach us how to grow by using our own strength. Quite like the delicate dandelion, that learns how to use its super-power strength and push itself through the cement! Face the music, and embrace what you’ve created – whether good, or not so good – to LEARN from.

Old issues with unresolved problems can be revived now, just to see how we handle them. New struggles can also appear. Perhaps you’ve already begun to experience the feeling that life just isn’t moving or developing the way that it should be. Reality check. ::knocking knuckles on the head:: And guess what, you’re being tested. Saturn needs to know that you are learning, and there’s nothing like a stray pop-up test to prove it. During this period of the Saturn retrograde, time stands still for us, which is an opportunity to learn about what we are creating on the outside – because of who we are on the inside.

‘And if you fall, stand tall and come back for more’. Tupac

In order to establish credit and status for ourselves, we must learn how to grow up, straight and tall. With Saturn in Scorpio, challenges will force us to face some real emotional truths that exist inside of us. Scorpio houses major shifts for transformations, power, and healings. As Mercury retrogrades this weekend, open the mind for new ways to solve old problems. If utilized correctly, our inner resources and foundation can be RE-built so that we may RE-design a new blueprint of our future, but it will require us to be practical and completely realistic. But the more that we RE-structure a newer image of ourself, the more real our fears and weaknesses become. Only in this darkness, lies the key to true potential. To understand this, one must walk through the darkness. When you do, Saturn will generously reward your courage and hard work with growth and success… or with another test to keep you good and strong.

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