September Tarotscopes, Horoscope Twist of Tarot and Astrology for Zodiac Sun Signs

Starcana Tarotscopes, Tarotscopes Horoscopes, a twist of astrology and the tarot.Starcana September Tarotscopes are a monthly horoscope twist of tarot and astrology, written for your individual zodiac sun sign. This is based on a mini solar horoscope, with a general tarot interpretation. If you happen to know your natal birth chart (or want one here), you can also enjoy my three card tarot spread to enhance your insight:

  1. 1) First Card: Use your Ascendant/Rising sign, for what you know.
  2. 2) Second Card: Use your Moon sign, for what challenges you.
  3. 3) Third Card: Use your Sun sign, for what you are creating.



Happy birthday LIBRA (September 23-October 22)  Knight of Pentacles: Making responsible decisions based on learned lessons. Dependability. Scholar. Teacher. Willing to adapt to a situation without losing self. Stable friend helps with direction. Pursue the dream. The right way counts. Honorable decisions. Building character. Loner wolf. Favorable decisions. Morals matter. Extension. Taking control. Learn and growing. Progress. Applying work. Struggle disappears. Meditation. Conscientious. Change with patience and caution. Continuance to study. Good news. Positive shift in finances or education. .

As the Sun moves to enter your sign later this month, you’ll be fresh for September’s spotlight Libra. Your charm and grace will dazzle others in this warm light, but with Mercury and your ruler Venus moving into Scorpio, you might cringe a bit as inner shadows reveal themselves. What you are most hungry for in love, money, and/or values will begin to intensify as you’re faced with limitations from past decisions that you had relied on previously (karmic Saturn). Through the sacrifice of outdated patterns, moving forward will be welcomed as heroic Mars shines in your house of Status, but also as Pluto shifts direction in your house of Emotional Security. Rise above.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) The Empress: Blessed. Loved. Protection. A nurturing heart. Someone to watch over. Female connections play a role. Perfect love. Ready to come out of the oven. Coddled in female energy. Fertility. Multiplication. Belly feels good. Girlfriend. Creative force rises. Warm and inviting. Hearts attract, what’s in yours? Everything is beautiful. Help arrives. Domestication. Field of dreams. Auntie love. Marriage. Earth bound. Partnership. Flourishing. More love. Female progress. Grandmother. Growth. Mother. Comforted by home and family. Enjoying the fruits of labor. Beauty. All-american goodness. In-bloom. Love thyself. Connect with nature.

If you haven’t already done so already Scorpio, you should find yourself already beginning to shed layers in preparation of a brand new life cycle.  After months of Pluto retrograde, this powerful planet will station direct, while partnering with explosive Mars energy. Around the September Full Moon, you’ll be moved in ways to do what is necessary, to gain back self-control and personal power. With loving Venus and responsible Saturn in Scorpio in your house of Self, inner strength manifests through hard work and dedication. Push it real good.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Four of Wands: Arriving at the right place. Celebration. Good structure. Fruits of labor. The good life. Romance. Rest. Rewards. Loyalty. Home is where the heart is. Success. Defending and protecting. Happy workplace. Good intentions. Harmony. Promotion. A fire still burns. Powerful love. Happy home. Liking who you are becoming. Contained within your own positive world. Passion is contained. Settling an old score. Pride and honor. A wedding. Secluded yet happy. Strong barriers. Display of commitment. New home. Invitation. Walls of love. New resting stop. Good neighbor. Blessings. Great heart. Self-reliance. Trying was worth the extra step.

Your ruler Jupiter continues to flood your house of Transformations with an abundance of fortune Sagittarius. You are still in the process of growing a set of new wings, or in your case, a shiny pair of horse shoes. Inner growth is being created as Mars transits your house of Higher Learning – which causes a change in your vision.. again. As you generously release control of unhealthy attachments with Pluto stationing direct in your house of Possessions and Values, the more profound your walk and your journey will be. Dance it in the streets.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Knight of Wands Embracing an alternative route. Understanding the journey, rather than the arrival. Change of residence. Challenge accepted. Creation. Fresh beginning. Envisioning the unknown. Action rather than thought. Excitement. A new person arrives. Advancing forward. An ally brings new view. Journey. Friend adventures. Flights. Movement. Relocation. Absence. Adding on to a story. Ready for the hunt. Energy shifts.

You empower your magic from networking and friendships as Mercury and Venus both join Saturn in your house of Hopes and Wishes. If you want it, you can have it  all Capricorn… but you’ll have to be willing to shift inwardly to order to increase this power as Mars transits your house of Transformations, and Pluto stationing direct. Reflections around the Pisces Full Moon deliver new insights that help you to flush an unbecoming attitude, for something more genuine and loving to your true nature. Move forward.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Four of Cups: Search for understanding. Turning away from others. Solitude. Overwhelming boredom. Self-searching. Self-study. Unconsciously asking for guidance from a higher source. Nowhere else to go. Therapeutic counsel. Opportunities in the horizon. Center. Nurturing the soul. Dissatisfied with lack of happiness. Questioning our motives. Requiring privacy. Taking it personally. Mending feelings. Given too much away. Feeling it slip from your fingers. Replenishing our own resources. Self-healing. Absorption of self. Introverted. Unavailable. A talk with God. Lost. The lights are on, but no one’s home.

There are a few ‘a-ha’ moments that you’ll be privileged to experience this month Aquarius, as Mercury joins Sun in your house of Spirituality and Higher Learnings. As new perspectives in life and direction come into light, the Pisces Full Moon will share new truths that confirm what you’ve been trying to understand. During this inward journey, relationships begin to shift and could become unstable as Mars sets fire to your house of Relationships. Be aware as to what your actions (or lack of action) is actually creating and expressing to others. In a rebel yell…


PISCES (February 19-March 20) Page of Cups: Flexible emotions. Passion of the heart returns. Serenity received. Calm is offered. Compassionate soul comes along to help. Being able to smile and relax. Forgiveness. Moving past blocks. A friend arrives. Flowing forward again. Loyalty offered. Positive blend. Display of kindness. Reflectiveness. Love. The heart speaks. Generosity. Giving of ourselves. Reaching out. Someone from past returns. Balance for the soul.

You find refuge as you find yourself being trapped in your own thoughts this month Pisces. Mercury and Venus both join Saturn in your house of Higher Learning, which adds interest and intrigue to what you have been learning recently. With Pluto stationing direct in your house of Hopes and Dreams, you’ll find that you receive much more, as you learn acceptance and let go. In the same note, you probably won’t have much of a choice as inner sensitivities generously increase as Pisces Full Moon joins Chiron and your ruler Neptune – which can disturb your inner serenity. Design new intentions with practical Virgo New Moon. Dream on.


ARIES (March 21-April 19) Judgment: Life and actions are up for review. Assessment. Unfair criticism. Healthy critique. Enlightenment. Forgiveness. Rebirth. Dealing with the aftermath. Rising. Promotion. Righting a wrong. Following a calling. A break from the past. Consequences. Learning from mistakes. Get out of jail for free. Reaching your higher self. Clean slate. Reconciliation. Paying your dues. Following the beat of your own drum. Choosing the higher road. Prayers answered. Rising from the dead. Spiritual awakening. Being amongst the living. Someones prayers save you. Purification.

Fun and creativity are highlighted with your ruler Mars transiting your house of Self-Expression. The Sun shines brightly in your house of Relationships, and you’ll be more aware as to what others are bringing to the table this month Aries. With the Pisces Full Moon, Chiron, and Neptune in your house of Karma, inner reflections share new insights about your own fears, which have enabled self-sabotage, along with recycled obstacles. Use this healthy Virgo New Moon to manifest new intentions that serve yourself and others with rewarding time, energy, and monetary gifts. Cha-cha-cha-changes.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Page of Pentacles: Personal development. Delivery of personal news. Using caution with direction. Moving forward. Journey takes a new turn. Scholar. Learning something new. Propositioned. Gift. Message. Favorable interest. Adapting. Education.  Being useful. Ready to continue. Choosey. Extending knowledge and abilities. Understanding the need to grow. Rewards. Dedication. Striving to work hard. Increase. Progress. Mature decisions. Practical. Preparing for the future. An unproductive period is left behind. Thrifty. Patience accepted. Time to make it happen. Persistence. Study. Practice makes perfect.

Life leads you by the nose this month as Mercury and the Sun bring light to your house of Work and Service. Positive information as well as the ‘not so positive’ will be illuminated for you Taurus. Sensitivities are in high defense with Mars in your house of Emotional Securities, while Pluto stations direct in your house of Higher Learnings. This new awareness aids you and your decisions for better direction in weeks ahead. Supportive Venus also joins tough Saturn in strengthening your house of Relationships and Partnerships. Live and let die.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Queen of Wands: Receiving a new understanding. Genuine gestures offered. Sympathy provided. Taking a sincere interest in another. Warm, inviting friendship. Female energy. Practicality. Loving Kindness. Creativity. A purpose arrives. Intuitive. Friendliness shines. Finding meaning in an experience. The heart speaks. Strong will. Honor. Beating to your own drum.

Inspired interests and spontaneous ideas are thrusted into action as Mars paves new space in your house of Communications and Short Journeys. As loving Venus stands by committed Saturn in your house of Work and Service, self-dedication is your motivator this month. It’s business as usual for you Gemini, but the returns are that more greater with fortunate Jupiter expanding your house of Money and Possessions. A Pisces Full Moon energizes your house of Career and Status, which turns a dream into reality, so you may want to finesse those New Moon intentions to pinpoint what you absolutely need. Abracadabra.


CANCER (June 20-July 23) Five of Swords: The truth shall set you free. Survivor. Unfair means. Creativity outwits challenges. No pain, No gain. Winning, but at what cost. Direction is found. Who’s cheating who? Degradation. All is a blessing. Interest in selfish gain. You are, who you hang with. Dishonorable decisions. Weakness with temptation challenge your willpower. Trickery. Display of character. Insensitivity. New path is created. Cheating. Test of ethics.

Intense times bridge with deeper meanings for you as Venus partners with Saturn in your house of Creative and Self-Expression. Your house of Relationships and Partnerships is going through a great purge as Pluto stations direct this month. With Neptune in your house of Higher Learning, you’re seeing that there’s more than what meets the eye with others, but more importantly, with yourself. And just as a door closes, another open as generous Jupiter dares to broaden your house of Identity. If you got the bomb and know it clap your hands.


LEO (July 23-August 22) Justice: Karma. The truth shall make you free. Fairness. Sitting at the hands of fate. Truth creates balance. Getting what is due and deserved. Right versus wrong. Intentions are displayed. Morals. Be yourself. Life changes. Be a good friend. Consequences. Seek helpful guidance. Make it right. Put it in words. Just rewards. Honesty is the best policy. Harmony. Justice is received. All is fair. Equality. Feeling judged. Lessons are learned. Find perspective by getting both sides of the story. Represent good counsel. Think of others, as well as of yourself. Do good.

High energy pushes passionate buttons with Mars igniting your house of Self. You’re paving new roads for the person that need to be, while Mercury, and attentive Venus join Saturn in your house of Home and Emotional Securities. As Jupiter encourages self-preservation in your house of Karma, while Pluto stations direct, you may decide to self-destruct, in order to finally tend to your own garden. Through this internal cleansing, you’re bound to locate a few missing pieces of your true self – which will prove that you are a brave survivor, and not a victim. Burn baby burn.


VIRGO (August 22-September 23) Three of Wands: Enterprise. Acting on a plan. New direction. Fresh clues. Adventure. Inner calling. Negotiations. Expansion. Foresight. No turning back. Getting assistance. Possible partnership. Practical journey. Successful business adventure. Grasp the future. Spiritual direction. Travel. Going for it. Mapping new location. New hobby. Opportunities arrive. New direction. Foresee potential. Your ship finally comes in. Giving back to the world.

The New Moon falls into your  sign this month Virgo, but also into your first house of Identity and First Impressions. The Pisces Full Moon reveals a path that requires self- healing as Chiron and Neptune comfort your house of Relationships. Its an ideal time to sow New Moon seeds of intention, that will manifest real progress for personal and professional growth. In the meantime, fortunate Jupiter continues to pour blessings into your house of Hopes and Wishes, while Mars helps you to battle unnecessary fears in your house of Karma. You are the wind neath your wings.


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