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A Cancer New Moon on Monday July 20 highlights the beginning of this new week. In our attempt to be soulful, gentle and/or nurturing… clouds of gloom and moodiness could disrupt our sensitivities, wishful dreaming and new moon intentions under the pessimistic Moon/SaturnRx opposition and lonely Sun/SaturnRx opposition.

If a sense of ‘crabbiness’ manages to seep through and weigh heavy on our emotional energy, pause from taking care of others and give yourself permission to put domestic duties on temporary hold. Let’s spend quality time reconnecting with our own heart. Listen to what it actually needs. Be responsible for nourishing it, as well as for protecting it. Practice kindness and self-care for healing and inner balance. If we’re often the ‘givers’ who are busy doing for others, we need to remember that our emotional security matters too.

The moment you accept yourself, you become beautiful. Osho

Taking better care of ourselves – so that we can shine brighter – will be part of the theme for the next four weeks. We’re entering into the golden Leo season as Sun (identity, ego) exits from bashful Cancer and comes out to play in majestic Leo on Wednesday July 22.

You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anyone. Maya Angelou

The powerful Sun in Leo will fill our pockets with sunshine, a sense of royalty, genuineness, self-confidence, romance, leadership, passion, activity and creative expression. Where will you be sprinkling your art, glitter, fire and magick? Starcana weekly tarot insight: Our practice speaks volumes. [QueenWands/KnightSwords]. Shine on. ~Suzi  

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