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It’s eclipse season, so life has been doing a lot of twisting and turning with the tumultuous Cancer New Moon/ Solar Eclipse on Thursday July 12. It seems that no matter how tightly we may try to hold on to what has remained familiar and routine – we’ll eventually experience some form of release and letting go… because the next phase of our journey requires us to do so.

Everything has been said before, but since nobody listens, we have to keep going back and beginning all over again. Andre Gide

Chaotic vibrations will continue to quite active, even if it’s just shaking up a lot from our past, including ancient feelings, old forgotten memories and unresolved situations. Yet if we can rise above any blame, resentment or judgment that is in our hearts, there’s a good chance that we might actually recognize the real ‘elephant in the room’; which we’ve used as a shield, for our own protection.

And should we ponder a little deeper about what has been shaking and crumbling in our world – we may become aware that these ‘new cracks’ are a wake-up call to what we have continued (Uranus in Taurus) – even though it left us feeling unstable and insecure. So imagine what could happen if we dared to abandon unproductive behaviors and worn-out weapons for some much better tools. We would open ourselves to newly improved responses and reactions for the life that we’re trying to create (Mars retrograde) – by allowing a higher frequency of compassion back into our hearts.

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. Harry Dixon Loes

Sun enters Leo. A creative process under the analytical Virgo Moon kicks off this new week on Monday July 16; encouraging a search for flaws, ideas and clearer communications – especially as trickster Mercury retrograde nears next week. May we find forgiveness and understanding in our heart, in order to rebuild (Saturn) structure, stable connections and resolution. Sharing sweet affections with generous appreciation will be helpful with the Venus/Jupiter sextile on Sunday July 22.

As we make our way through what has remained unseen and unknown, Sun will also exit Cancer and enter the shining fires of Leo on Sunday for the next four weeks. We’ll be led toward courage, confidence, creativity and self-expression under the next four weeks, unless the easy path is chosen, which entitles intolerance, self-centeredness and self-righteousness. So despite all the energy that seems to be turning us inside out – be aware that we always have a choice – because in the weeks ahead, our true light will be displayed in a whole new light. Starcana weekly tarot: Accepting responsibility for our actions. [Judgment/Strength]. For more insight, check out your personal tarot cards in the July TarotscopeHave a peaceful week. ~Suzi

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