Soul on Fire, Mars enters Scorpio

Soul on Fire, Mars enters Scorpio | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology Tarot

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After the interesting shift that took place in the cosmos last week, we now have the opportunity to gain new thoughts and ideas, while getting ourselves back to the drawing board this week. And if we can take a little quality time to pause and reflect on some of our recent steps, we can have a greater chance to re-strategize and recreate our path under the Mercury/Saturn conjunction, Mercury/Mars sextile and Mars/Saturn sextile on Wednesday December 6 – with a brilliant Mercury/Uranus trine on Sunday December 10. A little extra card insight may be available in the December Tarotscope. And with the current head games from trickster Mercury retrograde, we can either repeat mistakes and stumble to get ahead…. or… we can slow down and pay attention to what we have continued to ignore and overlook – that which has been limiting us from actually moving forward.

But the worst enemy you can meet will always be yourself; you lie in wait for yourself in caverns and forests. Friedrich Nietzsche

Mars enters Scorpio. On Saturday December 9, fiery Mars will move from its visit in peace-seeking Libra, and enter into the intense waters of transformative Scorpio for the rest of the year. As our creative self travels onto a dark, unpaved road, energy will be swayed… either igniting a new passion that sets our soul on fire …. or an energy that could be deceptively self-destructive. This transformative shift will depend mostly on what we desire, but more importantly on what we’d be willing to sacrifice and do – just to get what we’re hungry for.

To live is to sleep. To die is to awaken. La Bamba

That which matters most will be challenged by imagination and illusions under a hopeful Venus/Neptune square on Sunday December 10. And with the added confusion that Mercury retrograde tends to share, it will be important that we keep both feet on the ground, when wishing upon a star… or it could cost us one way or another. Starcana tarot insight: Hoping to resolve an issue without accountability. [FourCupsRx/HermitRx] May this new week be incredibly eye-opening! ~Suzi (Oh… and by the way, it’s my birthday week. I’m open to a little love and positive vibes at Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin,  Instagram and Google+:o)

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