Spark Ignites From the Wreckage | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology Tarot Horoscope

Spark Ignites From the Wreckage | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology Tarot Horoscope

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During the past weeks, the chaos of the storm has been felt and experienced in some unique way. Yet despite the tumultuous twist and turns of the transformational Lunar and Solar eclipse; we have successfully survived. So just for this moment… take a long, deep breath, and let it go.

Old ways will always remain unless some one invents a new way and then lives and dies for it. Elbert Hubbard

The brave Aries Moon on Monday February 19 will invite us into this brand new week. We’ll be encouraged to stand once again, to take a walk through the debris of what still remains. Enthusiasm is ignited from recent propositions, which promise a new start.

Every calling is great when greatly pursued. Oliver Wendell Holmes

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Magick with romance will seduce us with the Venus/Neptune conjunction on Wednesday February 21. And thanks to the persistent Taurus Moon, we’ll test the strength of a current bridge with the Mercury/Saturn sextile shortly after.

One of the weaknesses of our age is our apparent inability to distinguish our needs from our greeds.

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We could be challenged between what we want, and what we’re willing to do for it with the Venus/Mars square on Sunday, February 25. We’re softer, more sensitive, and possibly a lot moodier under the vulnerable Cancer Moon. And while we may be willing to sympathize, we could lose ourselves in our own hopes and expectations under the weepy Mercury/Neptune conjunction. As we let go of what weighs us down, we can  easily follow our path more successfully with the Sun/Saturn sextile. Starcana weekly tarot: Creating something useful with what has been a struggle. [TwoPents/FourWands] Peace out, Suzi xx 

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  1. This insight you have provided on the universe and its astrological powers was truly enlightening and couldn’t have come at a better time for me and my twin flame..He is taken frim me at the moment but in due time we will be reunited God willing. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Your words spoke volumes to me. I needed this right now.
    Love and Light always,

  2. You’re welcome Maria, I appreciate your words. Thank you for sharing. Stay blessed dear.