Starcana Astrology, August 22, 2012, Improving My World, Sun enters Virgo

Moods quiet down as Luna enters Virgo this morning. It’s favorable energy to stay focused on duties and responsibilities, and to put real order into our lives. The day continues to improve as Moon sextiles confident Sun and transformative Pluto rx, with a trine enchanting Neptune rx. Work your magic.

Sun also leaves courageous Leo today, to enter Virgo the organizer for the next thirty days. It’s a time when we become much more serious about where we are in life, and take genuine steps to where we want to be. It’s a time of harvest, so take a look at your own personal garden in life. Have the seeds that you’ve planted over the last few months begun to fruit? Has life improved with sweet succulent delights, so that you may relax and enjoy? Or has it turned sour, bruised, and not as tasteful as you had hoped? As we make our assessments, we can use this time to think about creating a better plan, designing a new blueprint, and readjusting our ways to refine and fine-tune. Our eye becomes more detailed and/or critical, as we seek perfection. Relationships become more quite during this time, as we turn our attention onto ourselves with personal development, self-help, education, work, money, hygiene, fitness, and well-being. Bigger, better, and stronger. Set realistic goals for the next thirty days, and avoid those ‘hard to reach expectations’ or worry, over-exertion, tummy issues, and insomnia can set in. It’s all about self-improvement, scheduling quality time, positive routines, and using energy more wisely.

There is a flow of warm air, as good news travels today. Movement increases, including errands, communications, and travel as Mercury sextiles Jupiter. If we’re not moving places physically, then notice the shift internally to see what you’ve been learning. “Procrastination is like Masturbation; In the end you’re just screwing yourself. Tarot insight [TenWands/Magicianrx] Don’t let the destination distract you.

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