Starcana Astrology, August 24, 2012, Who’s Following Who?, Sun opposes Neptune

Our emotional load lightens considerably as Luna detaches from the clutches of Scorpio, and rides bareback into Sagittarius. A Kid Rock tune comes to mind as we visualize the ride into the horizon, ‘I wanna be a cowboy.. baby’. Yes, our energy, sense of humor, and ‘need to know’ returns as we rise back to the living beneath the Sagittarian Moon. As we journey throughout the day, the Sun/Neptune opposition can blur our vision and direction. It reminds me of those days when we’re dressed cool and heading out with our favorite pair of shades on… only to find out that our sunglasses were heavily smudged with oil and fingerprints, all day. Know what I’m talking about? What would the world think of our image then, and were we aware? Our will to approach the day is powerful, giving us the shine and confidence that we need… but dreamy Neptune paints a heavy film that we must first work through, if we want reality. What you see, may not necessarily be what you get today, so use caution, ask questions, and inquire as illusions approach us. It’s a day that requires flexibility and adjustments. There’s a good chance something slippery is happening, so the dark shades should really come off. And to add to the confusion, Mars is in the shadowy realm of Scorpio as of yesterday. Take a good look around, and ask yourself if this is the world that you see, or is it only your reflection? On the flip side, the energy for imagination and romancing is spectacular for creative, musical, and artistic pursuits. Express yourself, yet stay alert, chop chop. “The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives.” Albert Einstein. Tarot insight [TenWands/Magiciarx] There’s more than what meets the eye. ♥ Starcana


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