Starcana Astrology, July 31, 2012, Power of Change, Sun trine Uranus, Venus trine Saturn

Electricity soars through us, and we’re the life of the party as Sun trines Uranus rx in the wee morning hours. By being carefree while flowing with the motions, this particular energy can send us to new altitudes. We are enlightened from new perspectives, with a possible ‘aha’ moment or two. This makes me thing of: ‘Things that make you go hmmm’. Life is much clearer, which gives us an opportunity to make better choices to get where we are going. The Sun ignites our confidence, as Uranus enforces change. To be inspired, and/or to inspire others, evolve and be yourself. Besides, a little inner change will help us to make the world a much better place to live in. Take charge, do what you need to, and find your happiness.

Venus also creates a beautiful trine to dedicated Saturn rx, supporting wise decisions and responsibilities. It’s time to stand by your word and fulfill your promise. Give, to receive. Become more committed, to bond tighter. Do the right thing, so no one gets cheated. This energy is quite favorable for love connections, business agreements, as well as self-dedication.. especially with Saturn in Libra (relationships, partnerships, enemies). Today’s Capricorn Moon will continue to increase stability in our sensitivities, managing to keep us emotionally balanced. We yearn for something more practical and realistic. As Mercury retrogrades through defensive Leo, we need to remember that when Luna squares reactive Mars this morning, and serious Saturn this evening, wee need to have patience when inner urgency rises. Speak clearly and kindly from the heart. ‘You’ll see it when you believe it’. Wayne Dyer. Tarot insight [TheStar/AceCups] We see the beauty of something wonderful happening.

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