Starcana Cosmic Dirt, July 27, 2012, Website News

Love and kindness always brings out the best in us. Beneath today’s Scorpion Moon lies fabulous potential for sharing the true depth of our love and commitment. In return, our vulnerable heart will also require the same loyalty. Should an ounce of dishonesty (or disappointment) be experienced, we may do what we need to, to avoid our own inner darkness from rising. Mercury retrograde will remind us of prior experiences that were similar to what we seem to be re-living now. This timing is an opportunity to learn how we must change the way we announce our thoughts and words, to speak better for the person we are becoming (Uranus retrograde). While we value independence and creative ways to be together with Venus in Gemini, this can conflict with our need to control with today’s Scorpio Moon. In order to improve the path that we are on, spend quiet time to figure out true intentions, before reacting too much today. ‘Learn to let go. That is the key to happiness’. Buddha. May this article provide guidance, or click here to personalize it. Tarot insight [AceWands/QueenPentacles] Be graceful.

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Website News: I’m posting this early incase we lose electrical power due to weather forecasts of severe thunderstorms, high winds, and tornado warnings. But I’ve experienced server issues for the last few weeks (thanks to Mercury rx/Uranus rx) with my web hosting company who has been working to solve this problem. Things should now be working smoother. When my website/daily posts happen to go down, be sure to stay connected with me as ‘starcana’ on social networks: facebook, twitter, and linkedIn.

You may have noticed too, I’ve also been experimenting with my posts and content lately, just to try something new. I’ve appreciated all of your feedback as my communication skills and writings continue to develop.

I’ll be taking some time off from work from August 6-13, and spending some vacay time with me and the family. Of course, all readings (phone, email, face to face, astro reports) will go on temporary pause that week, and resume when I return on August 14. I’m looking VERY forward to chillin’ to collect new energy and inspiration before my busy halloween season. 

I’ve made some recent changes and have added my ‘cosmic dirt’ insights to the main, front page of for easier exposure, check it out and don’t forget to bookmark it. I’ll be making time during the fall as the nights gets chillier and darker to sit inside and continue to re-build my website with updated content. 

Stay in touch, or share the love I provide in my writings. My cosmic dirt horoscopes are available for you either by bookmark, email delivery, or your favorite feed reader This url can also be used for sharing fresh updated content on the sidebar of your your website and blog.

And last, thank you all for your time and support. You are appreciated and valued. xx

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