Starcana Cosmic Dirt, November 3, Transform the Storm

Our softer side begins to reveal itself as Luna returns to her natural home in Cancer this morning. Sensitivities yearn to be exposed and experienced. The Cancer Moon is popular for her skills in compassion and nurturing, so we may find ourselves paying that much more attention to where our focus is. Our ‘inner mom’ is all emotional today with a need to share feelings. Domestic duties are favorable, such as cooking, baking, fluffing pillows, beautifying with soft linens, scrapbooking memories, decorating, sacrificing personal needs for the happiness of others, to transform a house into a loving home. Anything that is soft or gooey scores cozy comfort points, such as the plushy quilts, affection hugs, mash potatoes and gravy, hot chocolate and marshmallows, and warm m&m cookies out of the oven. These earlier hours are a wonderful time to fully give of ourselves as Luna trines romantic Neptune, dedicated Saturn and healing Chiron.

By afternoon, dark storm clouds move in as Venus the love goddess is challenged by manipulative Pluto, which could twist the rails of the love train. All that has been shared, mysteriously comes with a price. Gentle vulnerabilities that have been drawn out of hiding, may feel frightened, insecure, and very alone as Luna squares Venus and Uranus. Maintain understanding and kindness to transform the storm into something magical and memorable. ‘I have no fear, I have only love’. Stevie Nicks. Starcana Tarot [QueenPentacles/SixWands] Your heart is admired.

As daylight savings ends at 2am on Sunday, be sure to to ‘fall back’ by pushing the hands of time back one hour. Add fresh batteries to clocks, smoke alarms, and carbon monoxide devices. Stay connected with me | Subscribe | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Google+ | Donate | Contact |

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