Starcana Cosmic Dirt, October 26, 2012, Banking at the Wishing Well

As the compassionate Pisces Moon winds down today, we may be more inclined to relax with the day while dreaming about chasing butterflies and rainbows. As we analyze our current feelings, we may decide to take matters into our own hands as Luna trines Mercury, opposing Venus. If we’re disappointed, and need to talk about our feelings, words should be clear as we approach closer to Mercury’s shadow. This particular time period is well known for dishing out communication issues, which can result in misunderstandings, and a repeat of old problems.

As Moon shifts from sleepy Neptune, into excitable Aries this afternoon, there’s no doubt that we’ll be ready to spice things up. The Aries Moon fires us up with new energy to attempt what has been put off. We’re encouraged to make a stand, to take the initiative, and to seek new territories. We should remember that Mars in Sagittarius pushes us to act in big ways, which is usually guaranteed to step out of bounds, which can also stir big trouble. Take the time to share whether steps are for ‘walking together’ or for ‘running alone’. With last week’s New Moon in balanced Libra, what do you intend to crash and burn, in order to get peace that you need? ‘When one is pretending the entire body revolts’. Anaïs Nin. Starcana Tarot [SevenPentacles/NineCups) Banking at the wishing well.

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