Starcana Cosmic Dirt, October 29, More Powerful than a Locomotive, Taurus Full Moon, Mercury enters Sagittarius

Today Mercury leaves the sneaky mind of Scorpio, to enter jolly Sagittarius. We’ll be less worried about keeping our thoughts in the dark during the weeks ahead, as we begin to enjoy voicing ourselves. We’re inclined to be much more optimistic, trusting, and talkative under this cycle ~ blurting out whatever our little heart spills. With Mercury (communications, thoughts) in Sagittarius, the fast speaking tongue can get in the way of the winged messenger, causing us to trip over our words, especially as Mercury stations retrograde next week. While we may aim to speak honestly, there’s a good chance that our intentions will become fumbled from exaggerating the truth. Our judgment, conversations, and travel can become impaired as Mercury squares foggy Neptune. Think before speaking or making major decisions.

‘It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us’. Marianne Williamson

Where have you planted your New Moon seeds during the last two weeks? If you aren’t sure, today’s Taurus Full Moon will manifest it for you in her graceful light. Full Moons illuminate, bringing forth truth, while creating endings to cycles. Dark secrets and hidden answers beam brightly before us. The answers that we have been seeking, find us. All that has been contained within, finally releases and spills. All comes to light. This day proves to be influential, so put yourself ‘out there’ and go public. Just as the Moon reflects and gives off brilliant light, we too shine in light.

With the determined Taurus Moon in opposition with the transformative Scorpion Sun, we’re powerfully magnifying and reflecting the depth of our intensities. With Mars in Sagittarius, we’re not afraid to pack a few things and ride off into the sunset. The timing is ideal to purify our heart and to cleanse our soul, by breaking unhealthy cycles and toxic entrapments that destroy our path toward happiness. Our truth shall make us free, for the great Moon Goddess reveals, to heal. “One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: that word is love.” Sting. Starcana Tarot [TenCupsrx/TheFool) Stepping out of the darkness.

Sending healing thoughts and prayers to our Canadian friends of the latest earthquake, as well as to fellow brothers and sisters on the east coast who stand in the path of Hurricane Sandy and her brewing storm. Please stay safe.

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