Starcana Cosmic Dirt, September 10 2012, Know Thyself, Sun conjunct Mercury

Dark storm clouds roll in early this morning as Luna opposes extreme Pluto rx, square rebellious Uranus rx. Emotions are sensitive under this highly Cancer Moon, as we crave security and a return in love. We can utilize this intense energy to change our circumstances and any feelings of being victimized, by transforming our own perspective. There’s a good chance that we’ve been relying too much on something or someone else… rather than relying more on ourselves, and our own resources. As Sun conjuncts Mercury, the little light bulb over our head is switched on, encouraging mental power, movement, and creative ideas. We can learn a lot now about improving our own life through self-awareness and organization of our own input.

With Venus in Leo/Mars in Scorpio, we want, expect, and take what we want, despite stepping onto others boundaries. As written in a previous post: “This can turn the game into something more sneaky and manipulative to push our power. Venus in Leo is hungry for power and control, to domesticate the beast. Then behind the scenes, friction will be increasing generously as we near the Aries Full Moon at the end of this month, featuring the venomous duel between Pluto (endings, transformations) and Uranus (changes, revolutions)”.

Before we do anything that we may regret later under this cycle, determine the true beast. For as we face it, we may indeed, find our own reflection. Obviously, we can blame and make  a lot of excuses, but how has that worked out for you so far? Saturn (Disciplinary) has been transiting Libra (relationships) for two years, to teach us life lessons, balance, fairness, truth, and self-respect, through hard times. This would have affected personal, romantic, estranged, and professional relationships that we have with others, but also our relationship with ourself. As within, So without. What others have (or have not) learned/improved, is their karma. What you have or haven’t learned/improved (during Saturn’s four month retrograde over the Spring in 2012) is yours.

Positive energy rises with self-management, mature conversation, responsible behavior, and mindfulness. Know thyself, and take care of your own junk. ‘Darkness within darkness. The gateway to all understanding’. Lao Tzu. Tarot insight: [KingCups/KingSwordsrx] Agree to disagree.

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