Starcana Cosmic Dirt, September 15 2012, Honor My Inner Sacred Temple, Virgo New Moon

We can look forward to todays cosmic event, which is the New Moon. This is a very magical time, as our heart and spirit both join together as one. What we need, as per who we are, harmonizes… empowering our potential. If we truly listen to ourselves during the Dark Moon, our inner voice truly speaks in volumes, and luckily for us, the universe is wide open and ready to listen. So go ahead, and make a wish, state your affirmation, and set your intentions.

The New Moon blesses us a fresh emotional beginning.

The New Moon is in earthy Virgo, increasing productivity and physical manifestation, but our input and investment also matter. This means that we can not just go ahead and throw a coin into the wind, and hope for the best. Nope, that’s not how it works. There’s an old wise saying, that says ‘God helps those, who help themselves’ (you can substitute your own belief system in there with Goddess, Buddha, Allah, etc), but this is just a basic reminder that we can not just sit back and expect others (or even the Gods) to take care of our personal wishes and needs. We too, must pursue. It’s up to us to make sure that we actually work for what we want. If we expect a return on that coin in the wind, then we must be smart and clever as to how we throw it. More importantly, we must be determined and realistic in what we’re working toward. Otherwise, if we do nothing, it pretty much looks like we don’t want it bad enough… so why in the world would the heavens just hand it over to us. Do you understand? It’s a matter of respect and self-respect.

To increase the vibrations of our work and intentions, we must somehow integrate the Virgo energies that include: data, information, organization, analysis, introvert, creative problem solving, critique, perfection, specific details, self-realization, mind flow, and service to others. Mercury is also in Virgo, adding oomph to our creative visualizations in ‘seeing’ our goals. The quiet Hermit who keeps to himself in the tarot, is connected to the sign Virgo. The Hermit (and Virgo) aren’t afraid to separate themselves from what may distract them from their goals. This is quiet feminine energy, which is powerfully warm and gentle, while being comfortable alone in it’s own self-creation. What we desire, we must earn it, by working hard for it. The Hermit and the Virgo New Moon contains wisdom, focus, and willingness, to attain true wealth. We can learn much now, if we can quiet the noise that disrupts our concentration and  inner peace.

If we accept that we are part of the problem, only then, can we become part of the solution. 

Extreme energies continue to brew behind the scenes, and possibly generate friction and eruptions in the next two weeks as we near the Aries Full Moon, and the venomous duel between Pluto Station Direct (endings, transformations) and Uranus (changes, revolutions). With the recent violence and rebellion in the news, this is an example of the stormy vibrations that build in the cosmos. We could also see severe weather changes up ahead, along with shaky earth storms, which I keep track of and log on my vibrational blog. ‘As above, So below’. This can be a highly stressful time for some as darkness collides with light. Secrets, manipulations, and shadows of self-deceit face-off with truth. As something breaks, we are brutally awakened, which introduces us to the end of an old cycle, so that a new one may begin. Depending on your personal situation or individual chart, one may experience break-ups, breakdowns, or breakthroughs. Either way, something is about to change. It’s evolution. And it’s called life.

Understanding some of this, I personally suggest that our personal intentions somewhat mimic our own self-study, like the self-reliant Hermit. Rather than blaming and/or making excuses for where we come up short in life – we should turn within – and seek out our own faults and imperfections. Whether we can see it or not, we all play a role as to how we got to this place in our life. If we are truly worried about what may be unstable or falling apart, then we should study our own emotional reactions. The New Moon blesses us a fresh emotional beginning. If we all would become a little more aware of who we actually are (and what we have brought to the table), we could actually be more a little more conscious of what we are creating in our workplace, our relationships, and our world.

Creatively work with feng shui for the mind, to honor your inner sacred temple.

We must service ourselves first, before we can truly be of service to others. The Virgo New Moon is a time when we NEED to clean up our own act (or junk), to feel mentally alert and healthy, as well as useful to others. By increasing positivity into our thoughts, we can calm the busy mind. If we listen to ourselves and/or our bodies better, I’m sure that most of us are already aware of the unhealthy emotions that we’ve probably accumulated over the last few weeks. Whatever can be used to promote new growth, we can keep. Whatever causes anxiety and insecurity, we must ditch – because the Virgo New Moon needs emotional order, for the balance of the mind, body, and spirit. Ask yourself what you can do for yourself today, to create a better tomorrow. Use caution as to what you prioritize as ‘important’ today. Release negativity and busyness, to unlock energy blocks. Organize your inner flow, to form new direction. Creatively work with feng shui for the mind, to honor your inner sacred temple. Simplify. Simplify. Simplify. Create self-respect, to maintain mental peace.

We must service ourselves first, before we can truly be of service to others.

This energy is also favorable for filing, organization, paperwork, balancing our checkbook, cleaning, dusting, improving our center core with fitness and meditation. Seriously, when everything is clean, the clutter is organized, and the bills are all paid, don’t you feel better and emotionally relieved? A clean home mimics a clean mind. Spend quality time with yourself, to put your life into place. Accept my apology, as I think I’ve rambled more than enough. Remember, YOU matter. If you follow me on my Starcana Facebook and Twitter account, you already know the random thoughts that I will share. I think my tweet for yesterday is a good example to show appreciation for what matters most, and to simplify our life: “Today, ask for nothing. Simply be. Have gratitude for the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the sunshine you absorb”. Tarot insight: [Devilrx/SixPentaclesrx] Break the habit.

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