Starcana Cosmic Dirt, September 16 2012, The Logic in Flirting with Kindness, Mercury enters Libra

As Luna steps out from serious Virgo this morning… she is gently whisked into breezy Libra. Life feels much easier as place responsibilities on the side, just for now. The Libra Moon stirs an urge to socialize, create balance, and to share ourselves with others. There are a few confusing aspects during the day, with some tense moments this evening as Luna squares demanding Pluto rx while opposing rebellious Uranus rx. The Libra Moon encourages good socializing skills and manners for healthy discussions and fair agreements. As yesterdays New Moon in Virgo continues to activate powerful self-cleansing energy, we’re mindful of our own responsibilities, and more ready to listen and to learn.

Mercury also causes a bit of a shift as he moves from critical Virgo, and into thoughtful Libra. In this transit, communications become more welcome, honest and gracious. We have more of an interest to be polite, to understand, and to relate. We’re utilizing our creative eye, and we’re searching for the beauty and charm in your words and approach. The magic key is charm. Provide information that is nice and pleasing. In Libra, kindness DOES matter. Avoid the tough approach to get ahead, as you will simply get challenged in return. Instead, dabble a little honey into the way you communicate to sweeten and attract. Learn to flirt and become a tease again, it would definitely be something refreshing for a change, right? As Mercury travels through Libra for the next three weeks, it is highly favorable for us to become more open-minded, negotiable, and especially fair… especially with the tense storms that brew during the rest of this month.

There is a shadow side to Mercury in Libra, and when that darker side appears, it can be much more insensitive, instigating, and careless with the words that are used. A cold streak rises, that can cause us to become more ignorant, opinionated, and judgmental. No one appreciates someone who is full of complaints, and lacks consideration of the ears/mind they are pounding on. If you are unhappy, stop whining, and make positive changes in yourself. If you have nothing nice to say… say nothing. Learn to respect boundaries, and teach someone who doesn’t know better. To curb rude behavior, I’d highly suggest a quick course in social etiquette and good manners. The following words should also be used daily: ‘I’m sorry’, ‘forgive me’, ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘excuse me’, ‘may I’, and especially ::drumroll:: ‘would you mind’? Asking permission before we tread on someone else’s turf shows respect for other’s, but also for your loved ones. Otherwise, we all become children who assume we can just do as we please and help ourself, without regards to how other’s may feel, or react. Manners are basic principles that we’ve all learned as a child, but many have forgotten how to use them, if we want kindness and respect in return. These simple, but powerful words, improve our social connections with others, showing consideration before we invade on someone else’s territory. It’s a nice gesture to show kindness, proving that we are willing to meet each other half-way. If you’ve been grumpy lately, try becoming less reliant on others and their personal resources… and try becoming more dependent on yourself. Yesterday’s post contains some powerful points  to consider about ‘awareness and mindfulness’ under this Virgo New Moon. “Come in peace or leave in pieces.” Sherrilyn Kenyon. Tarot insight: [SevenWands/KingCupsrx] Manage your moods.

The light and the love within me, bows to the light and the love within you. Namaste.

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