Starcana Cosmic Dirt, September 19 2012, Evolution through Mutilation, Pluto Square Uranus rx

Pluto, (Transformation, Regeneration) stationed direct yesterday after six wobbly months of struggling through the unknown. Today, the Princess of Darkness squares Uranus rx (The Awakener) for the second time this year, where darkness will clash with light, and secrets are challenged by truth. The first explosion was at the beginning of summer while Pluto was retrograde.. where were you at this time? With Pluto stationed direct, we aren’t holding back anymore (and no more mr. nice guy). We’re ready to do what is necessary to break new ground with Pluto in Capricorn, to produce new heights (Uranus rx). Pluto is our to destroy. Why? As written in a previous article, because we are regurgitating an ocean of toxic emotions. Then we have Uranus disturbing this process with complete defiance, leading us to rude awakenings, while forming a cardinal T-square with Mercury (thoughts, communications), then Sun (ego, identity), in karmic Libra. Change will be created through mind-blowing chaos and the mutilation of old patterns and behaviors… which will more than likely be in both our outer world and our inner. As Moon transits intense Scorpio, we will be emotionally sensitive and on the attack mode. Without the strength of self-control, sensitivities could react and strike out at any moment. “The hard and stiff will be broken. The soft and supple will prevail.” Lao Tzu.Tarot insight: [KnightCupsrx/Justicerx] Who’s accusing who?

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Wandering the road less traveled has graced me with cosmic dirt and stardust; which helps me, to help others. As an Intuitive Life Consultant, I work with intuitive psychic senses, tarot, astrology, spirituality, energy sensitivity & other divine tools for readings, advice & guidance.


  1. PeaceBEE says

    Have NO Fear, Suzi! (grabbing Super Hero Cape!) We can do this! 🙂 Letting go of olde warn out traditions is exciting. Yippee! CHANGE, at last!

    Being I’m only 9 (in dog years), you can definitely tell I participated in the 60’s / early 70’s quantum leap. Nowadays, it’s all about getting the collective to Wake-Up. These magnificient astral signatures ought’a do it. 🙂

    And, um. Your “about” description ~ repeat after me: m&m’s are YUCKY! Refuse to buy into their commercial charm… get REAL, ORGANIC CA·CAO. [ka-kow]. Make Food Matter!!! (stepping down from soapbox)

    “Chocolate is a divine, celestial drink, the sweat of the stars, the vital seed, divine nectar, the drink of the gods, panacea and universal medicine.”— Geronimo Piperni

    (bee is a 15 degree Leo / Libra rising ~ husband IS a Libra / 15 degree Leo rising. karmic, without a doubt!)

  2. You are magnificent just the way you are! And thank you, I will check into the organic, because chocolate IS divine). Time to hop back onto my Peace Train.. all aboard……….


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