Starcana Tarot: August 2012 Tarotscopes, Monthly Astrology Tarot Horoscopes for your Zodiac Sun Sign

To create Starcana Tarotscope, I meditate on the sun sign while pulling a tarot card for general message for the month. I work with the zodiac sign’s solar chart to create a horoscope with a twist of astrology and tarot. For a more personalized take on the cards, you can schedule a session with me. For additional self-help insight, try my three card spread using your individual astrological information:

  1. For your first card, read your Rising sign, explaining what you know.
  2. For your second card, read your Moon sign, for what challenges you.
  3. For your third card, read your Sun sign, to know what is developing.


Note: For those inquiring on the Starcana Tarotscopes, I will only do them now if find the time to write them. I apologize to those who I inconvenience. Hopefully right after the holidays, I will bring them back as I get settled with new directions with my work. In the meantime, bookmark or subscribe to my Daily Astrology posts with Daily Tarot. You can also try a phone or email reading in the meantime. Thank you!


Happy birthday VIRGO (August 22-September 23) Page of Pentacles: Delivery of personal news. Being careful in your direction. Opportunity to move forward. Fresh direction. Scholar. Thoughts and action become reality. Propositions come your way. A gift or message. Favorable journey. Deep concentration. You’re adapting. Education.  Becoming useful to yourself. Going back to school. Taking some refresher courses. You’re ready to start over. Being choosey. Learning something new. Extending your knowledge and abilities. Preparing to become something more that you are. Rewards.  Dedication and hard work increase progress. Making mature decisions. Practical and careful decisions. Preparing for the future. Leaving an unproductive period behind. Thrifty. Patience is on your side. It is time to go forward. Persistence is the key. Studying. Practice makes perfect.

It will be a busy, busy month for you Virgo, as your ruler Mercury finally stations direct this month, giving you the green light for communications, travel, as well as major purchases. Mercury and Sun will enter your sun sign this month, putting your thoughts and communicating skills on front stage. The Sun will power you with a strong sense of courage to take control of your life again, while bring light to those dark areas that you’ve been less confidant about. One thing to remember is that the Sun heals. Overcome worries by de-stressing and turning to fitness, not sugary treats. You, meditation, exercise, your work, and healthier food choices should be on your agenda this month as the Full Moon illuminates your House of Service, Health, and Pets. You already know what you need to do, so stop talking about it, and just do it. Revitalize the successful you.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Six of Swords: Experiencing peaceful negotiations. Moving past difficulties by reaching a new understanding. Grateful for this new sense of calm and understanding. A fresh direction. All is crystal clear. Conscious, aware, and careful approach. A brand new perspective. Thoughts shift. Traveling over gentle waters. Walking gently over eggshells. Information and truth is received that allows flow. Caution using words of expression. Friendliness and good communications. Possible journey. Change in course. Troubles left behind. Positive thoughts.

You may be feeling another shift within yourself and your life Libra. After two long years of Saturn transiting through your sun sign, he is preparing to finally exit your sign in the Fall. Mercury will turn direct, Mars will enter your House of Money and Possessions, while Venus moves into your House of Career and Status. You may find yourself being much more energetic now, with an increasing interest to fight for what you desire and deserve. This can also be a great opportunity to change and improve your money situation, while enhancing your field of work as the Full Moon beams into your House of Work, Health, and Service. As Sun and Mercury both move into Virgo and try to speed their way through your House of Karma, Saturn’s influence could slow down their travel, giving you a good dose of reality. Looks are deceiving. Have patience, learn from your mistakes, or you may lose what you thought you were working towards. Face fears to become unlimited.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Seven of Pentacles: Good news arrives. You are creating your own sense of success or failure. If you want more than you have received – prove it and create a new path for yourself. Help is on the way. Financial good news nears. Hard work. Clever process. Material Progress. Growth, Money. Rewards are due, make your last minute adjustments to ensure profit. The tools for transformation are in your hands. You are responsible for your life, and your determination and stamina will keep your life and business fruitful. Ingenuity. Slow progress, but profitable. You’ve sown your seeds, now you can rest and see what begins to sprout from all of your effort. You shall reap what you have sown.

You may find yourself a bit more antsy Scorpio, as you are consumed with raw energy as Mars moves into your House of Identity. While we all know how you’d rather keep your feelings private and protected, the Full Moon will dare to bare all as she illuminates your House of Home and Emotional Securities. Vulnerabilities will be hard to hide, as sensitivities  overwhelm, to overflow, for all to see. Mars is the sign of the Warrior, and if you aren’t staying active in creating the person that you need to be, you may rely on on safer skills doing nothing but keeping your guard up in high defense. You are learning how to face reality and some old fears in your relationships as Saturn tries to toughen you up through your House of Karma. Your beauty and intelligence will bloom if you allow yourself to transform honesty into your chariot, rather than as your weapon. Represent divine balance that lives within you.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) The Lovers: Beauty is reflected. Love. All is in perfection. The test of sincerity. A new bond. Harmony. Things couldn’t be any better. Creating trust. You like what you see. Someone comes along that encourages a feeling of commitment. Integration. Honor and respect. Freedom from emotions. Healing in relationships. Finding the missing piece to the puzzle. Strong feelings begin to develop. Light and dark. Searching through another to find ourself. A friendship begins. The best of both worlds. A very important decision must be made that will determine a new path. Balance. Harmonious choices. Someone comes along to be by your side. A relationship that has worked hard to jump hurdles. Love and respect. A trusted partnership. Attending to be of assistance to another. Wholeness. A meeting of the minds. Communications are crystal clear. Blending the unthinkable. Speaking the same language. Healing connection. Someone’s got your back. The power of communication. Ready to make amends. Coming out of the closet. Reuniting with others.

Mercury will finally station direct this month Sagittarius, and thats good news since you aren’t afraid to stir up a good, friendly chat. Sun and Mercury will both enter perfectionist Virgo, which is in your House of Career and Public Status. This should bring some important attention to your area of work and communication skills. As the Aquarian Full Moon rises and shines in your House of Communications and Short Journeys, you not only ‘talk the talk’, but you can walk it too. Your unique ability to translate the truth softens as Venus enters your House of Transformations. She shows you how to recreate the way you regenerate darkness into light. You can now blend the good with the bad, and all with grace. Your new love for silence is motivating your creativity with a taste for poetry and art. With Mars now fiercely traveling through your House of Karma, consider using your charm to fight off old demons. And do it with a smile.


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Ace of Wands: A new beginning. Ready to climb hills for your goals. Passion for life again. Fresh start in a new direction. Creation. An energy burst. A new project. Developing an invention. Fortune. Starting an enterprise. You gain much now. Trying a new road in life. Inheritance. Going after what you are looking for. Fighting for what you believe in. Becoming a traveler. Self-discovery. Work becomes important. Having a new motto in life. Starting a new life. Taking action. “I’ve got to be me”. Genuine in your pursuits. Taking your own path.

Venus enters into nurturing Cancer this month, where you should see value increasing in your House of Relationships and Partnerships. The  gentle energy from Venus will find a way to soften your tough exterior and expose your tender side, which can only attract beauty and growth. Mars is energizing your House of Friends and Hope & Wishes. You may give yourself a little break and enjoy the fruit of your work, as attractive invitations to socialize come your way. Mercury stations direct, and then will join Sun in analytical Virgo, in your House of Higher Thinking. It can be refreshing for you to give up some control, so that you can let your guard down, in order to have fun while enjoying fresh point of views. A much softer side to your personality is revealed under the Pisces Full Moon, in your House of Communications. It’s okay to just be yourself natural loving self Capricorn. Give it try. Even if you are a little you’ll grumpy, remember that everyone loves a teddy bear.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Queen of Pentacles: Prosperity. Blessings. Common sense. A female with a good head on her shoulders. Healthy. Trust and self-respect. Supportive and willing to bend. Well-being. Centered. In-tune with nature. Luxury. Surrounded with nice thing. Magnificence. Opportunity for growth. Holding on to what we earned. Ability to give and take. Generosity. Extreme comfort. A mountain of goodness. Loving. Security. Being at a good place. Mother nature. Possible new job, or additional money coming in. Full of wisdom. Rewarded for good decisions. Spiritual. Respect for time, money, and energy. Wealthy and richness in all areas. Noble and honorable soul. Calmness. Lessons learned from the past. You choose to do no wrong. Completely aware.

A full blast of the Aquarian Full Moon in your House of Identity may be just the right prescription to entertain your true unique self. Your imagination and intelligence always seems to surprise us, so what truth will you expose to us now Aquarius? Your approach to the world may actually be coming across a bit more gentle now, which allows others to experience the more personal part of your nature. Although friendly, you can appear to be stand-offish, as you simply try to figure others out. But with Jupiter in you House of Creativity and Self-Expression, you are more motivated to reach out and share yourself. As your ruler Uranus retrogrades through your House of Communications and Learning, there’s no doubt that you will be learning how to relate better with others, while improving your own self-esteem and sense of belonging. Share that big beautiful heart, as it’s what you do the best when you aren’t thinking to much.


PISCES (February 19-March 20) The Hanged Man: All is on hold. A transition is taking place. Nothing is moving forward nor backwards. Life stops temporarily. Temporarily in suspension. Boredom. Spiritual awakening. Having plenty of time to think. Ready to let go. Life has been turned upside down. Passive behavior. Readjustment. Sacrificing, in order to move forward. A cleansing. All is totally out of your hands. Having the ability to see from a different perspective. Waiting to see what will happen. Regeneration. Rebuilding because of insight. Healing. At peace with the situation and with yourself. Trust in higher sources. Feeling reborn.

Mars enters intense Scorpio this month, which will actually activate your House of Higher Learning, paving new highways in the way you learn and interpret information. Data can come to you your sleepy head at a much faster pace, which can be quite exciting as your interests grow at a fast speed. While Mercury stations direct, he will join Sun in healthy Virgo, and slide through your House of Partnerships. which can help you to see others (along with your own connection ) in a whole new light, which allows for some healing. As Venus enters loving Cancer, she will graciously decorate your House of Creativity and Self-Expression, which could be utilized to experience fun, love, and romance in a more artistic fashion. The Pisces Full Moon will stir some interesting dreams for you to learn from this month. Be prepared to have your dream book handy as you journal notes from your internal self. Create a magical life from the messages you receive sweet Pisces.


ARIES (March 21-April 19) The Tower: Purification. Cosmic direction. Growing out of an old pattern. A rapid change that pulls the rug right out from beneath your feet. Letting go of old values. New foundation. Reconstructing old plans. Getting back to the blueprints to recreate our foundation. Catastrophic transformation. What you have been building has not been constructed on firm ground. Walls come tumbling down. Falling and breaking to hundreds of pieces. Rapid changes. A much needed change. Doing without, in order to advance. Disgrace. Security lost, but for your own good. Weakness is found. A major shift. Back on your own two feet again. Awareness. Outgrowing old structures, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Arranging priorities and making room for the new. Security lost. Sacrificing what we have been comfortable with in order to grow. Spiritual growth. Caught of guard. Surprising events to shake up your world. Karmic lesson.

Your ruler Mars boldly enters your House of Transformations, where you could experience continuous shifts moving very quickly through your life. The faster you close one door, the quicker a new door can open. Look inward to places that that you normally wouldn’t want to face, in order to transform the unsatisfied stuff, with great stuff. Uranus retrogrades through your House of Identity, to help you change things about yourself, while updating what you had presumed to stable. Inner chaos only encourages you to rock and roll, because life should be a beautiful dance. Besides, Aries doesn’t do well, hidden on the bleachers. To experience this shift on healing level, attempt something creative to express yourself as Venus supports your House of Home and Personal Securities. Welcome change. Allow yourself to inspire by evolving, like the caterpillar who grows into a butterfly. Decorate yourself, your home, your relationships, and the world.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20) The Magician: Self-reliance. Individuality. Ability to talk the talk. Strength in communications. Everyone is listening and paying attention. Originality rules. Take the initiative. Creativity. Capability to achieve goals. Imagination. Talents are useful. Grasping the potential. Quick thinking. Opportunities for natural skills to come alive. Knowledge is the key. A bridge is created for balance. Trusting a divine guide. Leave nothing unturned. Handful of elements. Thoughts  manifest. Words have power. Be magnificent. As above, so below. Competent. Outer and inner world harmonize. Charming and friendly demeanor. Entertaining the audience. Believe. Make it happen.

Your ruler Venus enters compassionate Cancer this month Taurus, and she’ll support you in what you are trying to communicate as she adds love to your House of Communications and Learning. Expect your serious thoughts and quality choice of words to become more sugary sweet. It’s always about love for you Taurus, but Venus adds an extra spoonful of sweetness, for good measure. Mars adds his raw idea of excitement into your House of Relationships, so you should expect yourself to be busy, including in the bedroom. Mars can also get pushy and argumentative, so be sure to not step on anyones toes, or boundaries. If your charm should happen to fail you, don’t fret, as Saturn in your House of Service may be trying to slow down your eagerness to keep you in-check. Appreciate challenges that come your way, for they encourage you to grow. Always, always stay graceful.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Eight of Swords: Avoiding the painful truth. Censorship. Strained. Unable to make a move. Restriction causes self-doubts. Crisis. Seeking perfection. Social paranoia. Frightened of getting hurt. Flaws imperil our growth. Paralyzed with fear. Mentally challenged. Physically challenged. Seeking approval from others to determine success. Seeing obstacles and problems that don’t exist. Foreseeing issues. Critical care. Creative block. In constant conflict with ourselves. Bondage. Indecision. Feelings of being trapped. Creating our own prison. Internal empowerment available if you seek within. Writers cramp. Disliking crowds and craving solitude. Afraid to face fears. Can not make a decision. Stage fright. Wrongdoings. No matter which way you turn, you see another hurdle to cross. Criticism and judgment hurt now. Loss of confidence. Feeling incompetent. Self esteem damaged. Looking for a way out.

Your ruler Mercury will station direct this month, allowing you to fly in the right direction. He will then move into workaholic Virgo, where he’ll join Sun for a few short weeks, in your House of Home and Personal Securities. As you become the center of your attention, you may learn a few new things about yourself as this area is quickly invigorated to get you back into your happy, friendly place. The Pisces Full Moon later this month will shine over you and your relation to your House of Career, Public Status, and Family. There’s much more to you than some may realize, and your compassionate soul finds a way to display itself. As you love yourself and accept your flaws, your world will be there to guide you to more gentler waters that you still need to see. Venus enters sympathetic Cancer, where she lovingly adds support to your House of Possessions and Money. Be the special friend to yourself Gemini, who treats you to something special and deserving.


CANCER (June 20-July 23) Seven of Cups: Illusions. Fantasy. Seeing a mirage. Dream about a world that is hoped for. Head in the clouds. Over-active imagination. Spiritual realms. Living in a bubble. Lost. Direction and goals are unclear. Going with the flow. Ignoring reality. Careless. Seeing something that doesn’t exist. Making wishes. Creating intention. Mystical experience. Psychic abilities. More wishful thinking. Relying solely on intuition. Something doesn’t make sense, but who cares. Romantic expectations. If it’s seems too good to be true, make it a double. Escapism. Filling emptiness with dreams and desires. In love. Wishing on a star. Counting on lucky charms.

Venus is sharing a bit of foundation as she enters your House of Identity. She is trying to paint a wonderful image to help you feel better about yourself, while beautifying your inner and outer self with love. As Saturn pressures your House of Home and Emotional Securities, your weak areas reveal insecurities, yet you are learning how to surf with the stormy seas within. Your true beauty is that experience much, increasing your potential to love, which gives you the opportunity to learn and grow. If you haven’t already approached the skeletons that you keep in your closet, you may find yourself looking in that direction. Jupiter is settled and wants to share blessings in your House of Karma, but it may take some time, since you’re a bit of a packrat. The Aquarian Moon in your House of Transformations reveals the truth, and nothing but the truth, so that you may let go of what has been distracting, to stay true to your own purpose. Declutter your mind and heart to free your soul.


LEO (July 23-August 22) Ten of Cups: Joy. Looking for a reason to celebrate with loved ones. Trust is restored. Triumph. Love. Tears of triumph. Moved by the love of others. True friendship. Contentment. Tender moments enjoyed. Money can’t buy love. Home is where the heart is. Spirituality. Finding faith. True wisdom is ours. Balanced chakras. Reflections of kindness. Dancing beneath a waterfall. Dreams are fulfilled. Positive feelings. Adding color to our life. Filled with great peace and comfort. Love thy neighbor. Good surroundings. Family circle seals. An end to a long cycle. Showered in affection. Emotional bliss. A wish is been granted. Happiness. A rainbow after the storm. Togetherness. Swelling with goodness. Enjoyment from the simple things in life. Sweet endearments. A spiritual river flows through us.

An ex-love could be making a return as your House of Karma is haunted  by another visit from Venus. With Mercury stations direct this month, communications will be much clearer Leo, giving you a green light to say what you mean. Mars has an urge to move and create the way you have things set up in your House of Home and Personal Securities. Move out of the way, to allow so positive changes to be created, as your typical resistance will only cause useless frustrations. Everything else will fall into place, so go primp yourself with bling, brush your hair, and step into something sassy. There is something to be learned from this month’s Aquarian Full Moon which displays what you need to know in your House of Relationships. The second Full Moon is in Pisces, which brilliantly brings attention to your House of Endings and Transformations. The last missing piece of the puzzle is revealed. There’s nothing more to fix. Rid the attitude, for your golden heart to shine.


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