Storms Inspire Rainbows, Scorpio New Moon, Solar Eclipse

Storm and the rainbowLet’s ponder for a minute or two… just to briefly take stock of what we currently have in our life. Mentally travel through the place you call home. Scan through each room to acknowledge the necessities that are needed, as well as the luxuries that make life much more comfortable. Mentally gaze into your work place or business, to recognize the blessings, rather than the faults. Then move into your relationships, to acknowledge the goodness they deliver, rather than the ‘not so good’. A portion of what we have, supports and inspires us to grow, while the other portion doesn’t.

As we begin to use our mind to think, hibernated moments slowly start to move and shift with our mood. As we begin to wander around in our head, memories will reappear, and strike up a topic to have a conversation with our heart. If we can quietly be observant, we’ll notice how life, work and relationships will begin to weigh differently. And if we invest real time and energy to focus on what we DO have working for us, it will be easier to understand what is actually missing.

When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life. Eckhart Tolle

As we process incoming thoughts during the Mercury Retrograde, we still have an opportunity to approach what we need. We only need to be willing to REcheck ourselves to  REanalyze our situation. In doing so, we have a better chance to REsolve issues – the right AND fair way. Each of us are feeding our souls, the best that we way that we know how. If we understand this, then we stand a better way of meeting each other half way – when we can make the extra effort to REthink and REcommunicate to REnegotiate.

Sun and Venus enter Scorpio. In the same breath, the effort that we invest into pondering, is bound to release some very deep and dark emotions that haven’t been expressed. Have you felt the uneasiness of life shifting and swaying around you? The Sun changes signs on Thursday, October 23, moving from balance-seeking Libra, into the deep secretive waters of Scorpio. We’ll be more led to take charge of our lives and relationships, by moving out from the light, to control from a much darker place within.

Venus will also change signs on Thursday, October 23, shifting from considerate Libra to consuming Scorpio. Appetites are changing, and we’re passionately hungry for what we want , and some of us won’t be afraid to sink to our most lowest, extreme level – to get it. Venus in Scorpio wants it ALL, or nothing. And those who are mighty hungry, will have no problem feeding on the fears of their prey, to greedily devour succulent desires, mouthwatering demands, and helpless victims who surrender. Sex, lies, and manipulation are the back-up plan, to win control, power, and world domination.

Let us forget with generosity those who cannot love us. Pablo Neruda

Scorpio New Moon, Solar Eclipse. The New Moon on Thursday, October 23 will bless us with a fresh emotional cycle that can be used to approach life, work and relationships. The New Moon is prime time to become still, so that we may become aware of our thoughts and our emotions, so that may re-adjust our inner self (in new ways) to move closer to our dreams. Spend quality time dreaming and making wishes, to experience the heart. And let this be enough, to influence the vibrations of the universe.

Whether dreams lean toward love and relationships, or to work, career and business – the timing of the New Moon is ideal to plant new seeds of intention. And this watery New Moon is in the powerfully potent sign of Scorpio, merging into transformational seas with a Scorpio Sun, Scorpio Moon, Scorpio Saturn, Pisces Neptune, and Pisces Chiron. All this liquid flow in the cosmos is creating amazing currents, which can influence high tides, extreme precipitation and flooding. As emotions elevate as well, sexual juices and body fluids are stirred, to secrete moisture, saliva, sweat and tears.

New Moons create new beginnings, and in Scorpio – our movement will be deep and intense. A new emotional path is available now, to better love ourselves, through self-sacrifice. Gaining more, by letting go. And by looking inside ourselves, we can use the light that we carry as our guide, toward self-reflection for inner transformation. A simple mantra to help steer our meditation for direction would be ‘Let go, to free flow’.

The New Moon’s conjunction with loving Venus (values, love and money) assists us in supportive ways to beautify our inner work. Venus can help us to design and attract our intention, but also gravitate to manifest our idea and desire. And because we ARE, what we think – use what you feel, to become one with your thoughts.

We’ve been swaying between the recent Aries Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse on Thursday, October 23. Unfamiliar emotions have been stirred, and for many, this can feel very uncomfortable – as strange buried feelings rise to the surface. This can instinctually trigger fear, insecurity, and major extremes within our psyche – that can force abrupt changes and instant decisions. The dark storm of the Solar Eclipse can brew crisis and chaos that are well-known for major transformations and new beginnings. These lunar vibrations can last up to three to six months. Close doors, to open new doors. Release, to strengthen power. Brave the storm, to experience the rainbow.

I would rather die of passion than of boredom. Vincent van Gogh

And as we take our control back, whether this is in our work or our relationships; we may assume that others can be forced to change. No. It just doesn’t work that way – especially in these merciless vibes that the Scorpio energy is made of. If the ego is permitted to be in charge, it will dictate and push demands onto others. If there is disatisfaction with the results, the ego is threatened with what seems to be either rejection or betrayal. Left with no other choice, the ego warps itself into something more ‘superior’, to manipulate and emotionally abuse, to seek its revenge. And by injecting this poison, insecurities and powerlessness are instantly destroyed. No. That’s not how it work.

In order to take better control, quietly have a conversation with yourself, or your higher source, angels, or spirit guides. Concentrate on what is NEEDED, to feel safe and productive. Then create it, through INNER transformation. These are self-reflective waters right now, and they encourage us to look into the mirror. By seeing and studying our own image, we can have a better chance of knowing who we’ve become – by asking ourselves some very realistic questions. Rather than make excuses to blame others, dare to see yourself as your own worst enemy – by having a conversation with your own demons. Basically because it’s time that we own our shite (Saturn in Scorpio), and finally be accountable for our own unhealthy attachments, mismanaged emotions and uncontrollable obsessions.

So if any of us are looking for something (or someone) to release, terminate, or destroy (Pluto in Capricorn) – so that new growth may be generated) – let each of us first begin with ourselves. Tarot Insight: Heads comes together during a crisis. EightSwords/ThreePents

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