Strategic Metaphysics

Embracing my Neptune and Inner HippieIntuitively strategic is how I might describe my unique style of reading and creative problem solving.

As a visionary and creative, I work intuitively with traditional as well as non-traditional methods. Metaphysics challenges what many in society has accepted – and since it’s felt natural to me since I was a child, I’ve not on stuck with it – but trust it as well. As a natural problem solver and one who serves others.. my intention is to help others. I work to balance light with shadow, with the seen and the unseen. There is always more than what meets the eye, so I investigate in my own way.. to demystify the worry, the doubts, and the fears. Whether I learn, create, or teach, I blend intuition with logic, to provide practical solutions. Despite my love for mysticism and the magic of life and the universe, I am very realistic, grounded, and down to earth. Listed below is a schmorgesborg of intuitive interests that help me, to help others.

I blend intuition and magick with logic.. for practical solutions – for REAL life.

Intuition, VisionsSensitivityEmpathy are my most used natural abilities. As an imaginative and creative soul, my sense and sight has always been good to me, so I usually lead off with it. I collect information from energy vibrations, sounds, visuals, etc that flow and help me to tell me a story, which allows me to convey the message in its rawest form to you. Occasionally something might not make sense to me though, but because it’s not suppose to – since the message is meant for the seeker. Since the field of my work is generalized as ‘psychic’, I will occasionally use the term. And while I have many psychic experiences, I prefer to be understood as a mystic, intuitive, or sensitive. I share this, because my goal is to not to mislead anyone with the insightful work that I do, which is why I explain my style as clearly as I can. Messages come to me when they choose to, so I can not control what I receive, how I receive it, or when I will actually receive it. This is why I will allow my abilities to work with my other skills and tools – to guide me along, for your best options and interests. But for the curious and skeptical – you can follow my current ‘psychic updates’, as I have an unorganized mess of premonitions with logged intuitive experiences on my earthquake blog: Earth Speaks, used as an example of how I behave as a human ‘tuning fork’ who experiences the movement of energy vibrations.

I’m a jack of all trades, master at none.

Tarot, OraclesSymbolism, Divination is one of my favorite tools, because with a degree as a visual artist, I work beautifully with images, symbolism, and the insightful messages that are received. Every picture tells a story – so tarot and oracle cards tend to quench the artistry of my ‘inner eye’ with both traditional and nontraditional interpretations for awareness and guidance for direction. Tarot feeds information, and especially through many levels of intellect and wisdom – opening higher forms of understanding. Professionally and personally, I wholeheartedly trust and respect the guidance that tarot provides – because in the same way that we should dedicate ourselves to our most truest friendships, I have invested decades into studying and getting to know the tarot and it’ divine secrets. Being self-taught through years of seclusion, the tarot led me back to my earlier interests of Hinduism and Buddhism; finally making sense decades later, during my interest, study and certification in Yoga, meditation, chakras, etc. Tarot is the instrument of our wisdom.” ~Rachel Pollack

I work with a vast amount of informational tools for my interest in awareness and understanding into the oceanic depths of self-analyzation, relationships and human nature.

Astrology is one of my favorite tools too, but I do not lead off with it – so charts aren’t offered upfront to new clients. Whether I decipher a natal birth chart for a current client, or interpret the current astrological transits and aspects; I tend to utilize astrology to help fill in some of the blanks. As I prefer to work with my intuition and senses, astrology will usually verify unique marks of stress or brilliancy that is displayed in a chart. Growing up in a dysfunctional household was very challenging for me as a sensitive and empath. I fell in love with the insight that astrology brought to me at a very young age, as it helped me to know myself, but also my family, my experiences, and what I needed in order to grow. Astrology was my best kept secret growing up, as it kept me sane and grounded. In sessions, I share what I can astrologically – for the purpose of awareness, self realization and better understanding – because I received so much, even at astrology’s most basic form. Whether I am watching the planetary energy in the world news, celebrity gossip, client situations, or my own personal circle and neighborhood – astrology can be experienced anywhere and everywhere. As above, So below. I also make a point to let others know that I am not here to teach or convert anyone, I am just sharing whatever information is speaking the loudest to you. I am self-taught, and work heavily with intuition and spirituality because I understand the cosmos so much more as an empathetic visionary – or as a mystic – rather than as a mathematician. If you understand where my heart is coming from, the you will understand why I do not do predictions. I believe predictions can create illusions and limitations – when one doesn’t understand the prediction – which is why I focus on intention and purpose. My goal is to provide you with REAL options, by bringing awareness of the challenges up ahead, while providing soulful guidance toward a much smoother path. I continue my study in astrological practices to work as an artistic craft for the evolving soul (rather than used as a mathematical predictor) – because the intuitive art feels the most natural, which speaks very clearly to me. ‘Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”~Dane Rudhyar

I provide real options for free will  and guidance. I do not offer predictions, which create illusions and limitations.

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope is my blog where I share energetic astrological tarot forecasts – for a weekly horoscope of the cosmos. I try to write in a ‘down to earth’ and ‘easy to understand manner’ – because my goal is to help create awareness and understanding – for a much better tomorrow. No astrological knowledge is necessary to understand with what I enjoy sharing, only an open-mind is suggested. It’s a fact that as the heavens change, so will the weather, winds and tides. ‘As above, So below’. My writings are meant to be entertaining and people-friendly, as well as inspirational and spiritually enriching. In knowing the general ‘feel’ of the week (or months) ahead, can provide us with the option to ‘carry an umbrella’, just in case some dark clouds roll in. My goal is to keep my clients and readers aware and up to date with the latest ‘cosmic dirt’, so that one may become motivated and aware of themselves and their approach as life shifts. In return, I get an opportunity to enhance my own writings and communication skills, by following my purpose to help others. “Before one accepts spirituality, astrology is very powerful, like a lion. Then when one enters into a deeper spiritual life, astrology becomes a tiny household cat.” ~Sri Chinmoy

Forecasts are how I like to think of my work, like that of a weather forecaster; predicting days of either sunshine, unexpected clouds or brewing storms ~ but with planetary and energetic vibrations. While readers and clients have been pleased with the insight I have shared ~ my main interest is to help you to prepare for what is up ahead, with realistic options, incoming potentials and forewarnings of pitfalls. I offer a protective umbrella with free will, for awareness. “If you take responsibility for yourself,  you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.” Les Brown

My goal is to empower my fellow brothers, sisters and living beings – through nonjudgment, truth, compassion and respect.

Numerology, Logic, Free Will offers their own interpretations, which is why I gently blend them into my readings as well. Numerology is a natural, and the oldest language. It has its own interpretation with life questions, patterns and purpose. Logic allows for common sense and practicality to weave a proportional balance into your session, which helps me to seal my own meaningful contract with the Universe. And because I believe in free will, awareness, consciousness, the law of attraction and karma; so I fully understand the importance of intentions and what I intend to communicate and relate. I also believe that art and science intertwine with the logic, earth and cosmos, in order to create unity and oneness. And despite my own personal fun and entertainment in magick and the mystical woo-woo, I am still very much a practical, responsible, and ethical individual. My goal is to give you an amazing reading and empowering consultation, by being intuitive, truthful, compassionate, nonjudgmental and respectful to my fellow brothers, sisters and all living beings. “Originality exists in every individual because each of us differs from the others. We are all primary numbers divisible only by ourselves.” ~Jean Guitton

I believe in free will, awareness, consciousness, the law of attraction and karma; so I fully understand the importance of intentions and what I intend to communicate and relate.

Spirituality, Creativity, Energy Healing, Metaphysics strengthen my own spiritual self  = while also being very respectful of other’s personal religions, morals, and belief systems. I attempt  to gently ‘word’ myself so that the insightful messages from professional readings or my free horoscopes remain useful ~ no matter what one’s background is. Along with my natural talents and intuitive abilities, I’m also certified as a yoga & meditation teacher, certified in reiki and natural energy healing, along with an associates degree in art and visual communications… I enjoy working and being self-employed, to play with energy and rebalance the connection between mind, body, and spirit. “Conditioning is a powerful bridge between mind and body.” ~Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

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