Strengthening Our Vision AND Reality | Mercury enters Capricorn

Strengthening Our Vision and Reality, Mercury enters Capricorn | Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology Tarot Blog

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This is an active astrological week, which may be due to the release of pressure from last week’s Cancer Full Moon and Uranus direct. A fresh gust of wind is coming in, which encourages an outlet for change and flow on Monday January 8, with the confident Sun/Jupiter sextile, a promising Venus/Jupiter sextile and a fearless Mars/Pluto sextile.

Now depending on what we dare to do with this incoming energy, we’ll be greeted with Tuesday’s (January 9) charming Sun/Venus conjunction, a willful Sun/Pluto conjunction, a consuming Venus/Pluto conjunction and an expressive Venus/Mars sextile. Despite what we receive in return, there is a potential that we may not be fully satisfied and okay, until we gain complete control with Tuesday’s intense Scorpio Moon. A jittery Sun/Mars sextile is injected into the vibes on Wednesday January 10 – and it could feel as if we’re in a ‘do or die’ mode.

The creative person is both more primitive and more cultivated, more destructive, a lot madder and a lot saner, than the average person. Frank Barron

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Mercury enters Capricorn. Mercury will exit visionary Sagittarius on Thursday January 11, to join Sun (identity, ego), Venus (values, love, money), Saturn (responsibilities, discipline) and Pluto (death, transformation) in Taskmaster Capricorn. Thoughts, communications and travel plans can get a lot more serious and centered during the next three weeks.

Sloppy thinking gets worse over time. Jenny Holzer

We can benefit from this cycle when we practice patience, awareness and mindfulness. And in doing this, we can learn how to train our wandering eyes, unmanageable thoughts, excess words and scattered brain into a much better focus. In result, our view (and perspective of the bigger picture) can greatly improve the direction of our life journey.

Life is a sum of all your choices. Albert Camus

By creating crystal clear vision, we can better see what has remained confusingly out of focus. We can remove the longtime frustration; by returning back to earth for a good dose of reality. And we can get a good picture of what we’ve been actually been building and maintaining, while also getting a good sense as to where we’ve been slacking.

You are not seeing reality. You are seeing what you are believing. Stop believing and you will see more reality. Swami Premodaya

As we flow with whatever strikes our fancy this week, serious concerns will move in with a sobering Mercury/Saturn conjunction on Saturday January 13. We want something (or someone); and yet we could find ourselves totally attracted with the complete opposite under the finicky influence of a Venus/Uranus square.

An inner calling for change will cause some resistance to our normal routines under the disruptive Sun/Uranus square of Sunday January 14. If we dare to forcibly wake and shake up our own way of living, we should be aware that we’ll also shake that/those around us. Pay attention to who/what, is flickering, to grab our attention. From people, to phones, computers, internet, technology, electrical appliances, wiring and air travel will be requesting our attention, for some sort of adjustment or compromise. So stay wise and alert, by planning well and knowing the consequences (Saturn) of unexpected change. More insight is available with the January TarotscopeStarcana weekly tarot: Sloppy returns due to shortsightedness. [HighPriestessRx/ThreePentsRx] Make your week amazing! 

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