Strengthening the Bridge, Capricorn Full Moon

Strengthening the Bridge, Capricorn Full Moon - Starcana Astrology

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As we move closer to the Capricorn Full Moon on Tuesday July 19, sensitivities, energy and moods will continue to increase. And as the Full moon delivers a brilliant light filled with her truth – we could be motivated to follow her cue, since the Full Moon encourages us to stand front stage to claim our personal shine and creativity. The Full Moon brings light to what has secretly remained in the dark, illuminating the truth and answers that we’ve been searching for. It’s also a time that delivers a sense of release; creating endings and closure to a cycle.

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With a weighty Luna in earthy Capricorn, we can feel a lot more ambitious in steadying ourselves for that next big step, which will allow us to accomplish what we have set out to do. And while a finicky Moon/Uranus (awakening, change) square could shake things up a bit – the harmonious trine between Mercury (thoughts, communications), Venus (values, love, money) and Saturn (responsibilities, self-discipline) on Tuesday July 19 and Wednesday July 20 can assist us in our attempt for what matters.

It is better to create than to be learned, creating is the true essence of life. Barthold Georg Niebuhr

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Rest in peace my most dearest old friend… your golden beauty, admirable loyalty and tremendous love lives forever; safe inside my broken heart. Image Credit: Starcana, Inc.

Sun (ego, identity) will exit nurturing Cancer on Friday July 22, and move through passionate Leo for the next four weeks. During this fiery cycle, we can be inclined to lead forward, through our own creative process, and perhaps through the support of a brand new tribe. As confidence and courage become the reins for this courageous journey, expressing ourselves will probably not be a problem. Shine on friends. Starcana tarot insight: Dropping what has been broken. [TwoWandsrx/FourSwords]

On a personal note… I unexpectedly decided to lighten my load during the last few weeks – by taking a break from blogging. This decision was due to the passing of our 15 year old lab; my most dearest friend Charlie. The grief was just too much, then with the previous illness in the family, multiplied with all the heaviness from the outrageous violence and tragic deaths within the black community, the police departments, Florida, Dallas, France, etc. Between the suffering in my heart, and the pain in the world, it just left me incredibly hurt and empty – with nothing to write.

So while I managed to conserve enough energy for me, my family and clients – I apologize for not taking the time to update, and for not responding to so many of your messages; which expected something from me (my writings & tarotscopes) – which I just didn’t have. I just really needed to be selfish, so that I could disappear into a faraway place where I could tend to my broken heart and bleed-out. I also found time to travel with a few friends to Lilydale, where I was able to receive a most beautiful reiki healing. But in short; this is what we Sadge’s do, we seek the fresh air for breathing space – to heal our gypsy spirit. And with Saturn hovering over my Sun, well.. the window seat was tightly cramped – but the insights that I was able to receive were absolutely precious. Thank you for your understanding. And please forward a positive thought or a simple prayer with me – to send peace and healing into the world. xox

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  1. nan fischer says

    so sorry to hear about your dog, suzi! 🙁 <3

    rest up and re-energize. you need that, and you deserve it.

    much love to you!

  2. Vicky Rosemeyer says

    Wishing you much peace in your time of loss of your dear beloved friend, Charlie. I too, know the pain that comes with losing such a beloved companion. They become family members, and have so much love in their hearts…..and I also morn for the loss of life our country is experiencing right now, such a tragic thing to be happening! And the attacks in France, only strengthen the sadness. When will it all stop? Take as much time as you need, Suzi. Those of us who follow you, understand and will wait.

    Blessed Be,

  3. Tracey says

    Hi Suzi

    Difficult losing your best mate and loyal friend, good you took time for yourself to grieve for Charlie.
    Thank you for your blog, I have followed it for sometime and look forward to the insights you prompt in me.

  4. thank you for sharing the love Nan. ❤

  5. I appreciate your kind words Tracey, thank you. ❤

  6. Strong hearts recognize strong hearts. Thank you Raven & blessed be. ❤

  7. I’m so sorry about your beloved Charlie. You’ve been such a guiding light for many of us. Please take care of yourself, and know we are with you…sending healing, loving energy. xo

  8. Marlene says

    Suzy….I am so sorry for your loss of Charlie. I experienced a loss of my little Ringneck parakeet who was also 15. We had been through so much together but he always remained by my side. It was an accident by me trying to do a favor to my dying cousin. My heart is heavy for you and me. My sincere sympathy for you at this time. I love Lilydale and Cassadaga. Love to go and meditate and clear my thoughts. Prayers to you my friend

  9. Much love & gratitude Azan. ❤

  10. Virginia says

    My heart sunk to see your friend had stepped aside for a while. My wish for his rejuvenation and return on another form. Love and thanks to you for your kind insights.

  11. Joan Unger says


  12. Thank you for your thoughtful words and for taking the time to share with me Marlene. ❤ Im very sorry to hear about your feathered friend. Being 15 years old, you obviously took GREAT care of him! One day, we’ll all meet up again. xox

  13. Thank you for your kindness and your beautiful wish Virginia, when my friend returns – I shall be sharing it with you and the world. ❤

  14. Thank you, Much love Joan. xox ❤

  15. Sharon E says

    Such a testament to having been blessed with such love in your life that when it is gone the void and pain are so great…sending love and healing your way. I too know that pain. Hugz!

  16. You are so right Sharon, namasté my friend. ❤

  17. So sorry to hear about Charlie. Our animal companion’s passings are the worst pain. Blessings to both of you, and to your family

  18. Thank you for taking the time to share your kindness Kelli ❤

  19. Sending you hugs and wishing you easier days. Take your time to heal. I know lots going on in many lives, many need healing now.

  20. Thank you much for sharing Susan, Peace my friend. ❤

  21. Valerie says

    So sorry for your physical loss of Charlie. 🙁 my 16 year old Biscuit (black lab) passed in Jan 2016 and my 6 yo Midnite (black lab) still interacts with him in my house! He looks up toward the ceiling to him every night before we sleep!

  22. Thank you so much Valerie, and I share my condolences for your Biscuit. I completely understand Midnite’s interaction; as we are blessed to still experience Charlie’s energy, which is still very present! xox

  23. So sorry for your loss. It’s so hard to say goodbye…All that unconditional love is such a rare gift. May happy memories be with you…

  24. Be well take time. Appreciate your insight and knowledge

  25. Thanks so much Lori. ❤

  26. Thank you Nancy, much love. ❤