Sun enters Capricorn, Ambitions Brought to Life, The Devil Tarot, Winter Solstice, Astrology for December 21, 2012

The Devil TarotFor the past few weeks, the Sun has been busy energizing the adventurous side of our personality. Through the Sagittarius Sun, we have had the opportunity to find the strength to step out from limited boundaries, to break free from restrictive dead-end roads, so that we may journey toward new directions. Today the Sun will take a new turn, entering into purposeful Capricorn for the next four weeks. Our powered self becomes vitalized, with much potential to shine. So that we gain more control of the life that we are leading, our determination to work and succeed takes on a brand new light.

All that has been experienced in the past weeks to obtain more space and freedom, help us to build a new and stronger inner structure. Areas that benefit the most from these particular vibrations are where we might hold the most status, or where our reputation counts the most. Favorable targets to invest our efforts include: career, jobs, family, parenting skills, superiors, social power, government, politicians, finances, savings, home, property, protection, and the integrity of our ‘good name’ and what we stand for.

The Capricorn Sun shines brightly, to help us see where order is most needed. We’re encouraged to weed through our resources, to organize our priorities, so that we may achieve what matters most. But just as this healing light can promise to show us the way, it will take much work on our end, to prove we deserve this. To add to matters, this light will seep into our most darkest shadows and secrets, to display what we’ve avoided, or hoped to conceal. No matter what is received, understand that the Capricorn Sun forms sturdier framework to enhance growth.

Amateurs hope, professionals work. Garson Kanin

The Devil card in the tarot is associated with Capricorn. We can invest a lot of our time, energy, and even money into what we consider our treasure, or supposed sense of happiness. This could revolve around a high-powered job status, a serious relationship, a professional business plan, or maybe a financial commitment to major possessions. Without careful thought as to what we are actually building with our sacred investments, we can eventually find ourselves trapped in our own little empire of ‘happiness’. Then as months turned into years, what had once brought us joy, eventually transformed into an obsession, that molded itself from fear. This would have developed when we felt threatened of losing what was ours, that we felt it was necessary to hold on even tighter. And in a tricky way, we are left to assume that we’ve been holding onto our happiness, when in reality, we’ve been grasping onto our fear.

When the Devil appears, we are shown that time is being wasted. Life that has passed us by is the proof. The Devil’s treasure has cleverly mesmerized us with ‘happy’ choices, although we’ve been separated ourselves from reality and loved ones. We have lost sight as to what truly matters, and what we hold onto, weighs mighty heavy on us. This burden causes us to sink deeper into ourselves, and into the hell that we’ve chosen. A thick, dark, thick cloud manifests from greed, jealously, or anger, blocks us from seeing the exit door.

Hell is a place, a time, a consciousness, in which there is no love. Richard Bach

When the Devil reveals himself, we should ask ourselves, ‘is it happiness that I am holding onto’? And although it may be a bit scary, his appearance represents an unhealthy relationship that we’ve created, to avoid the inevitable. This could be a toxic connect with an addiction to alcohol, drugs, or food, as well as to a person, status, power, an emotion, sex, or even a lie. Whatever treasure we’ve agreed to involve ourselves with, and sell our soul for, becomes an attachment that is disguised as happiness. In return, this feeds into our obsession and dependency, which deprives us from our true power and self-control.

Should the Devil flaunt himself in the weeks ahead, know that he needs our fears in order to feed. If we look away and turn toward another direction, we’ll be tormented by our shadows. As the Sun enters Capricorn this morning, light will be delivered to the darkest day of the year, the Winter Solstice. Light can also make our darkest nightmares disappear, when we courageously face what has been dominating us. Embrace the truth, Shine your light.

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  1. WOW! That was THE BEST interpretation of THE DEVIL Card EVER! And so very pertinent to the global consciousness reflected on the individual consciousness and visa-versa. Thank You, again, Ms. Suzie! You are truly a blessing!