Sun Enters Pisces, Living With Eyes Wide Shut, Astrology for February 18, 2013

smlThis morning, the Sun leaves intellectual Aquarius, to enter compassionate Pisces. For the next thirty days, the ego becomes less direct in this watery realm, which encourages us to experience sentiments of love, forgiveness, and divine consciousness. As the Sun emerges into the oceanic depths of Pisces, the ego is flooded with a variety of emotions, from serenity and joy, to guilt and sorrow. We only need to decide which emotions that we would like to reflect and feed on, then let the succulent feast begin.

With the Sun (self, identity) transiting Pisces in the weeks ahead, he also joins Mars (action, energy), Neptune (imagination, dreams), Chiron (wounded healer), and Mercury (thoughts, communications) who will retrograde on Saturday. We may gain a more powerful urge to hide behind our rose-colored sunglasses. Behind our dark shades, we can appear to be much more cool, calm, and collected. With eyes out of view, we can choose what we hope to see, or want to see, while moving past the rest. Life, love, work, and relationships can be experienced like the old saying, ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

With the Sun in Pisces, we live life with eyes wide shut. In doing so, we trust that our heart will lead us into the right direction. These magical shades can help us to attain our goals, dreams and ambitions… safely distracting us from what might normally get in our way. Hopes and dreams can become severely scorched from the powerful light and truth that the Sun shares. Rose-colored glasses encourage us to look away from what is real and right in front of our face – so that we may continue to dream the impossible dream. In result, this choice can conveniently keep us in the dark, unconsciousness of what is genuine, to preserve the hope, the fantasy, and the hallucination. It helps to block out the darkness, the negativity, and that which can weigh heavy shadows upon us. Our heart, imagination, creativity, and psychic intuition would be in charge of managing a brighter life for us. The chase for success would be all ours, so that we may grow and move forward in the colorful stream of life.

We don’t see things as they are we see them as we are. Anais Nin

On another level, these very same glasses can prevent us from recognizing the truth, which would enable us to live in the midst of a lie. The light from the Sun is awfully bright and revealing, which would destroy the comfortable illusions that fit nicely in the Pisces dream world. If reality doesn’t look so pretty, we may be quick to reach for our magic shades that warp our perspective and reality. Unfortunately, we may be led into a continuous path of poor choices and swim in the karmic downstream (again), until we get it right. And with Saturn station retrograde today, karma will play large portion,which will be mentioned in a separate post.

The greater your trust, the greater guilt the person who deceives you will have. And there is a chance that this guilt will change that person — he will have a change of heart. Trust is tremendously powerful. Osho

We may want to look in the mirror now, and ask ourselves as to what we are reaching for, that makes our fantasy a little more comfortable. Are we victims of our own ignorance? Or are we a power source that drives us to be more than who we are? The Sun doesn’t let much stay in the dark for too long, and we can be faced with our own shadows of addictions, and concealed truth. With the planets transiting through Pisces, we are coming to an end of a long cycle.. representing a time for endings, letting go, release, and closures…. so that we may begin to create a new chapter. But we must first understand our sacrifices, so that we may change direction toward the higher waters upstream, for happiness, joy, and serenity.

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