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New Moon Astrology

Pisces New Moon

Reaching a place of accomplishment could have been a challenge during the last few weeks, especially if we’re still dependent on unreliable tactics. With Saturn (discipline, responsibilities) and Mercury (thoughts, communications) both retrograde, along with the scattered flow of all this Pisces energy (SunMercury rxVenus, Mars, Neptune, Chiron, and New Moon), we may have experienced a lot of confusing vibrations. A life of busyness was moving through us… around us.. as well as beyond us. Things might have felt as if there was much more happening in the recent weeks… but we may come to a realization that we’ve been swimming in an unproductive circle, where everything is the same, and that nothing has changed.

Know your dream, to reach your dream.

This afternoon’s cosmic event is the Pisces New Moon. The New Moon represents a beginning of a new emotional cycle. In this new chapter, we are encouraged to chase our dreams with a new attitude and new approach. With the conjunction of the Pisces Sun (Father) and Pisces Moon (Mother) the harmonization in our skies will increase the compatibility between our ego (Sun) and our emotions (Moon). This is highly potent energy as Pisces enhances imagination, intuition, creativity, dreams, compassion, forgiveness, divinity, and love.

Love is more powerful than kicking ass. Jet Li

The New Moon is a quiet time, when we reserve our energy to plant new seeds of intentions, while pursuing our goal in the weeks ahead. Considering the place where you are right now in your life, from your work, to your relationships.. whether good or ‘not so good’… it’s a time to accept your present situation, so that it can be recreated into something new.

Take just five minutes for yourself today, to place new intentions. Quiet the distractions around you, closing your eyes and ears to the outside world. Center on your inner energy, aware of how far your heart has traveled to reach this point in your life. Compare your feelings from four weeks ago, to this moment in time.

Inhale: possibilities. Exhale: creativity.

Take slow, deep breaths. Embrace this quiet place within you, where your serenity and contentment exists. Allow yourself to feel an inner flow, while visualizing a gentle movement that leads you toward a new path. As you breathe deeply, be flexible, and let your mind, body, and spirit sway. And know your dream, to reach your dream – because the power of water is romancing a change in direction, but romance requires participation on your end too. Surrender to a new stream of purity and healing. Inhale: possibilities. Exhale: creativity.

Mercury Stations Direct

After three weeks of communication REversals under Mercury RE-trograde, the winged messenger will station direct on Sunday. Communications will slowly begin to clear up and move forward again, increasing better chances for negotiations, contracts, major purchases, socializing, and travel. Use this final week of Mercury retrograde with this Pisces New Moon to RE-calculate your direction, RE-correct mistakes & miscommunications, and to RE-think your way through a brighter resolution. Be flexible so the Pisces energy can disintegrate the walls of a hardened heart, and to wash away the unpleasantries.

Tarot insight is from Temperance/The Devil: Grasp limitations for mindfulness.

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