Survival Quest, Mercury Jupiter Retrograde, Mars enters Scorpio

Survival Quest, Mercury Jupiter Retrograde, Mars enters Scorpio - Starcana Cosmic Dirt

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Happy New Year friends! There’s a lot of cosmic activity that has already kickstarted 2016… Have you felt it yet? Life seems to be moving in a few different directions already – all at once. With all that has started shifting, not much is making sense – so my only concern at this moment has been… ‘at the end of the day, what do I really NEED that will guide me back to where I’m going’?

If I asked you this question, what would YOUR answer be? I gave myself a minute to ponder my own question; understanding that I’m basically a pretty simple person, who doesn’t need a lot. As a gypsy soul at heart, living lightly, lets me come and go as I please. I seek the art and inner wisdom of ‘the experience’ – whether beautiful or revolting – because it all just tells a story. As I think about it more, this pretty much sums up what is considered my ‘boring’ instagram of nature images from the yard… but each sunrise, every moon beam, and each swaying tree under the clouds shared a story. That’s a lot to me, and it’s truly enough. So to answer my own question for this survival quest – I only need the experience. What about YOU?

Mercury (thoughts, communications) moved out from strengthening Capricorn, and into liberating Aquarius on Friday January 1. This is a brilliant time to break away from unproductive attachments and unhealthy patterns – by thinking outside of the box. And while change is not easy – shifting goals, changing direction or adjusting the view – can be quite interesting, as well as a strange method in helping us to find what we’re looking for.

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Wayne Dyer

Mars (energy, movement) shifted from social Libra on Sunday January 3, and entered into passionate Scorpio. So while we’re looking for a different way; we’re releasing an intensely powerful force that is buried within – in order to feed what we’ve been most hungry for.

By changing nothing, nothing changes. Tony Robbins

And shift happens again as Mercury (thoughts, communications) stations retrograde on Tuesday January 5. So before we gaze too deeply into the stars and the future ahead, we’re encouraged to pause during the next three weeks – to re-think, re-view and re-correct what we really wanted to say. This can be quite necessary in some situations; to avoid common breakdowns and misunderstandings that are often associated with Mercury retrograde, but also with these impactful vibrations from Mars in Scorpio. With Tuesday’s Sun/Pluto conjunction, feisty energy increases – which could lead to the potential of something unsettling or confrontational. Yet in the same breath, if we’re aware; something could be unveiled, revealing exactly what we need – to create healing and set us free.

Lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at you. David Brinkley

As life continues to sway ‘to and fro’ this week, moving forward may not be as easy as we first thought as Jupiter stations retrograde on Thursday January 7. Optimism, expansiveness and abundance are a few of the rich treasures of Jupiter. In retrograde for the next four months; we could decide to practice the art of procrastination with the outer world. In doing so, we create an opportunity to dive into our own inner resources; in search of our own truth. Thursday’s Sun/Uranus square promises unique, chaotic challenges – which can point us toward unexpected life changes or our inner guru.

Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving. Terry Pratchett

Mercury (thoughts, communications) re-enters Capricorn on Friday January 8. This can give us a second chance to re-figure, re-strategize or re-structure our view, our approach and where we’re headed. If life was to crumble for you, what do you see yourself re-building? With Friday’s Venus/Saturn conjunction, we’ll be more determined to hold and protect that which matters most to us. And in knowing what holds true value – we can create a magical affirmation that oozes with security and stability for the Capricorn New Moon on Saturday January 9. Tarot insight: Not tending to our calling. [AcePentsRx/PageWandsRx].

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