Cosmic Dirt, July 18, 2012, Out of Control Desires, Mars Opposes Uranus rx

As Jupiter quincunx Pluto rx this morning, we can find ourselves struggling with issues between the heart and the truth. With Jupiter’s recent shift into Gemini, honesty would be a breath of fresh air, but inner conflict rises when it comes to sacrificing our comfort zone. And to stimulate movement with change in direction, Mars […]

Cosmic Dirt Astrology, July 8, 2012

The Pisces Moon continues to sprinkle us with imagination, dreaminess, relaxation and more. With this morning’s Moon/Sun trine, our confidence supports our ability to lead and shine. Magical splendor is the name of our game. Suzi Dronzek is a wife, mom, and intuitive consultant, who listens to the symphony in the cosmos, nature, spirituality, art, […]

Tuesday January 11, 2011 Horoscope

Anyone can ‘talk the talk’, but do you have what it takes to ‘walk the walk’? Thoughts and words overfloweth today as Mercury squares abundant Jupiter this afternoon, There’s just too much chatter, too much talk, and not enough action. We’re trying to express our interest to move forward, but it comes out sloppy. Stories […]