Cancer Full Moon, My Love Has OverFloweth, Astrology for December 28, 2012

While intentions from the Sagittarius New Moon have been in the making over the past two weeks, raw emotions have also been intensifying. What we had hoped to accomplish, reaches its full potential through a new light in today’s Full Moon. Like the nurturing parent who uses the hall light to check-in on a sleeping […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope, January 9, 2012, Protecting Our Love, Cancer Full Moon

Intentions that were placed on December’s New Moon, illuminate into completion beneath today’s Full Moon. Answers to what we have been seeking are displayed in it’s rawest form. Cardinal energies are drawn from the completion of light, elevating emotions to naturally respond with immediate action. With an abundance of full steam in our hearts, a […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope, January 8, 2012, Talking Shop as Mercury enters Capricorn

Over the wee hours of the morning, communication specialist Mercury enters ambitious Capricorn. Our thoughts and speech become much more grounded and precise in this earthy energy. This promotes positive, but serious thinking in both areas of building business and  framing our relationships. Intentions are strategically transmitted, relaying dedication for success. This is the extra […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope, January 7, 2012, ‘..or you just might get it’, Mercury, Neptune, Saturn Sextile

Mercury, the planet of thoughts and communication, forms a positive sextile with compassionate Neptune and high-achiever Saturn. What we think and say can manifest with this magical seasoning . So before serving, be sure to choose your ingredients carefully today. Fantasies and dreams communicated are likely to gravitate toward something more realistic. Self-expression with dedication […]