Cosmic Dirt Astrology November 23, Unpredictable Change, Mars Square Uranus

Expect the unexpected. Something inside, desires and requires more. This strange craving ignites spontaneously, which forces new changes (and potential) in direction. Mars is powerful energy force, and he’s got a heavy foot that helps us to aggressively move forward in life. With Mars in ambitious Capricorn – we’re most likely pulling out the heavy […]

Cosmic Dirt Astrology, June 19, 2012, Learning to Fly New Directions, Gemini New Moon

Today’s New Moon provides us with a with a cosmic event that encourages us to adapt to a new emotional approach on reoccurring issues. As the Gemini Moon conjuncts the Gemini Sun, we harmonize with ourselves, and with the universe. What we seek, the universe can provide, as mind, body, and spirit synchronizes, but it […]

Cosmic Dirt Astrology, June 13, 2012, Wearing Our Protective Armor with Dignity, Sun trine Saturn rx

Life can smooth out considerably this morning as Sun trines Saturn rx this morning. Taking care of our responsibilities can finally start to pay off. Others may notice what we’ve accomplished, but what’s more important, is that WE notice. What we are truly capable of doing, enhances our confidence, assertion and popularity. We know and understand […]