Heart Awareness, Virgo Full Moon

A Virgo Full Moon rises this afternoon. As she peaks in her lunar cycle, emotional tides fluctuate. Vulnerabilities are stirred, causing soulful cravings to float to the surface. The possibility to react and defend ourselves can increase; should we lack awareness or self-control. The Virgo Full Moon delivers a brilliant light that guides us onto […]

Cosmic Dirt Astrology, April 6, 2012, The Light in Truth, Libra Full Moon

To maintain peace under this Libra moon, we should quietly embrace our inner darkness. This way, we are able to stay in control of our path as Luna squares grueling Pluto in the wee hours of the morning. Later this afternoon, a Full Moon rises. All comes into full light now, such as dark secrets, deep […]

Cosmic Dirt Astrology, February 7, 2012, A Bulldozer Coming Your Way, Saturn Retrograde, Leo Full Moon

We’re extremely alert in the earlier hours as Sun conjuncts Mercury, so we could find our sleep to be interrupted. Information that we have been searching for may be received. The vibes are brilliant for communicating, writing, and short trips. Holding the energy in could create insomnia, nervous restlessness, or excessive worry. Movement is calling […]