Starcana Cosmic Dirt Astrology, August 16, 2012

As Venus (love, money, values) squares Uranus rx (the Awakener) this morning, electricity runs through our veins. No matter how strange or unpleasant, it’s truth we are seeking, for our direction in life. Expect the unexpected. No one is going to cramp our style, so we dodge standard methods, for the alternative. Today’s Moon/Uranus rx trine […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Tuesday August 16, Recreating Our Perspective and Personal Welfare, Neptune Rx Aquarius

What we appreciate becomes powerfully illuminated as Sun conjuncts Venus (values, love, money) early this morning. The Full Moon over the weekend assisted in this, as intentions and needs were in the process of being revealed during Luna’s release in freedom-seeking Aquarius. Communications that may have caused misunderstandings, encourage inquisitive curiosities and courteous manners now […]