Communicating Freely, Mercury in Gemini

Last week on May 15, Mercury the ‘winged messenger’ returned home in Gemini, where he feels most comfortable. During the weeks ahead, the element of air is pumped into our communications with Mercury in Gemini. This highlights new movement in the way that we think and use our words, increasing our interest to go out […]

Cosmic Dirt Astrology, May 15 2012, The Bitch is Back, Venus Retrograde

We’re lending a helpful hand as Luna harmonies graciously with opportunist Jupiter and popular Sun. With a square to Venus, we may get much more than we expected. Venus will station retrograde for the next six weeks. Venus is the Love Goddess, and she presses the ‘pause button’ on any forward movement and/or growth in […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Sunday May 15, Taking Care of Business, Mercury, Venus in Taurus

Our moods begin to darken right after lunch as Luna enters the seductive waters of Scorpio. As the crustacean uses its tough shell to protective it’s soft center, we are encouraged to do the same in order to defend our weaknesses. Developing a tough exterior, we stabilize our inner securities from the sharp blows of […]