Letting Go to Experience More

Hi friends! There are a few speed bumps with relationships and finances this week with a fortunate Venus/Jupiter square on Mon. Nov 16 and a serious Venus/Saturn square on Thurs Nov 19. A ‘what goes up, must come down’ sort of vibe. In receiving a green light for positivity and growth… reality steps in, to […]

Letting Go To Flow and Grow.

Hi friends! As we walk our path this week, we may be able to notice that the fog is fading while  clouds disappear between Mercury direct, and also with Mercury re-entering intense Scorpio, Tuesday November  10. Thoughts, communications and short journeys are moving forward again, and we’ll return back to where we last left off […]

A Shift In Direction

Hello friends! After three weeks of reviewing and recorrecting in the cycle of retrograde, ‘Communication Expert’ Mercury will station direct on Election Day, Tuesday November 3. The energy can still be a bit unstable, discombobulated and unpredictable, but we’ll eventually get back to the swing of things. Try to pay some attention to what is […]

As within, so without.

It’s likely that we could feel some cosmic pressure this week; depending how we choose to use the incoming intensity between a territorial Sun/Mars opposition on Tuesday October 13 and a conflictive Sun/Pluto square on Thursday October 15, along with a difficult Sun/Saturn square and unrealistic Venus/Neptune square on Sunday October 18. Whether we’re making […]

When Shadows Become Real

Intense unsettledness could knock us off balance, with a good chance of causing us to lose composure this week. Unforeseen changes are in the air with the highly sensitive Mercury/Uranus opposition on Wednesday October 7. This vibe can cause deep restlessness, anxiety, nervousness, a sudden lack of interest or expressed irritations. Expect the unexpected. This […]