Cosmic Dirt Astrology, March 5, 2012, Tough Love, Venus in Taurus

As Mercury conjuncts Uranus today, our mind and eyes are awake. Some of us who are more sensitive of the energy may find difficulty in getting proper rest, or we may actually rise much earlier (or easier) than normal. Mercury rules communications, so whatever we attach our thoughts and words to, becomes electrified by the […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Sunday March 6

Enthusiasm energizes us as Moon enters warrior Aries this morning. We may be inclined to get ourselves busy and start new projects in either the business or at home. We’re taking control of things now, producing movement and change – rather than ask or wait for someone else to do it. Communications are bold and […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday March 5

Aspects are few today, so enjoy this cloudless day. Yesterday’s New Moon in Pisces is still energized, and wants to make sure that we’re comfortable as we let go of unnecessary emotional attachments. Our focus should be like that old eighties tune, ‘Don’t worry, be happy’. Hmm, or like that old seventies tune ‘Live and […]