Cosmic Thoughts, Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn In Libra

I had a lot of stuff going through my mind today as my head has begun to clear up after three weeks of fatigue – the heavy weight of Saturn’s transit through Libra, my ascendant). Just by looking at the news in the world, or seeing what’s happening in our lives… speaks many languages, but […]

January 22 Horoscope, Jupiter enters Aries

Back in June of 2010, Jupiter had entered Aries. At that time, we may have been thinking about, or already approaching some major moves in our lives to bring new excitement. For me, this is when I decided to start my own new journey and studying yoga, what about you? Jupiter is a lifelong scholar, […]

Saturday January 15 Horoscope

We experiencing less weight in our mood this morning as Luna enters free-spirited Gemini. We’re punching the clock when it comes to tasks, duties, and responsibilities, we’re and ready to jump back into life again. Socializing with friends and family are favorable with the Gemini Moon, as well as taking a trip, reading, learning something […]