Cosmic Dirt Astrology, March 12, 2012, Re-Sparking Memories, Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Mercury stations so that he may prepare for his retrograde dance during the next three weeks. Mercury rules transmissions, communications, thought processing, speaking, learning, and small trips. In retrograde; Mercury ‘appears’ to move in REverse ~ and because of this, he is known as the trickster who plays head games. Mercury retrograde encourages us to […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Thursday April 14, What, Me Worry? Virgo Moon

Luna enters analytical Virgo during the wee hours of the morning, and shortly after she will oppose sensitive Neptune which may cause some disturbance in our sleep. Moon trines Pluto rx in the afternoon, where we may re-sweep over additional details in our life, helping to separate the good from the not-so-good. Virgo’s ruler Mercury […]