Slow Down to Smell the Posies

A strong cosmic force that could be experienced from the inner core, is likely to inspire a new plan of direction. With Mercury retrograde and open-mindedness, we’re likely to become aware that options still exist in how we’re going to get where we’re going. If we insist that the cosmos take hold of the wheel, […]

Clouds of Confusion

Along with the thunderous roll from Sunday’s Solar Eclipse, there’s additional movement this week. What we intend to do with this energy, will determine our course. And our vision will slowly clear as Neptune stations retrograde on Tuesday June 23. Under the next five months of Neptune Retrograde, our dreams, fantasies, illusions and hope will […]

Inner Security is an Inside Job

A sense of uneasiness continues to linger as we journey through the eclipse season, but also with Venus (values, love, money), Jupiter (abundance, expansion), Saturn (responsibility, structure) and Pluto (death, transformation) in retrograde motion. Mercury (thoughts, communication, journeys) will join this cosmic train when stationing retrograde on Thursday June 18. Mentioned in the previous post: […]

Seeing More from Less

We could be ready to bulldoze obstacles in order to create a clear path to where we’re going under the free-spirited Mars/Uranus sextile, on Memorial Monday May 25. While going about our business to create change, we’re likely to tread with a much gentler approach as Mercury (thoughts, communications, short journeys) exits confident Gemini on […]

Peaceful Thinking

Mercury just moved from daring Aries, to join Sun (identity, ego) and Uranus (awakenings, change) in sensible Taurus yesterday, Monday April 27. Thoughts, communications and short journeys are going to slow down considerably over the next three weeks with Mercury in Taurus. This earthy shift can help us to become a bit more patient and […]