Cosmic Dirt Astrology, May 13 2012, Happy Mother Day, Blessings to Moms and Nurturers

After a few days of separating ourselves from feelings, the Moon enters Pisces which encourages us to return to our natural, compassionate self. Pisces Moon enhances our capability to understand, to forgive, and to heal. We blend with others and with our surroundings as Luna conjuncts gentle Neptune. We can continue to see improvements as […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Sunday May 8, Happy Mothers Day

Moon feels comfortable and content in her natural home of Cancer. We want to defend our serenity against harmful vibrations, and a few challenging squares could have us yearning fora safe shelter against the world. Do enjoy the day by wearing protective gear over vulnerabilities. Happy Mothers Day to ALL of our nurturing spirits out there! […]