Cosmic Dirt Astrology, May 19 2012

Our day begins with grace as Luna creates a fortunate trine with magical Pluto and harmonious Mars. We’re satisfied with our self-control and what we are creating with it, as everything seems to be coming together. The Taurus Moon keeps us concentrated in our work, so that we can relax and enjoy quality time for […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: September 10, 2011

The day is filled with a lot of sensitivities and emotional vibrations. What may feel good for one, may not feel so great for another. Something may not feel completely right as Moon conjuncts Neptune rx in the afternoon. As Moon enters gentle Pisces, enjoy the weekend on a more pleasurable note and experience it […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Monday August 8, Issues REappear, Mercury REtrograde REminder

Last Tuesday August 2, I was on vacation when Mercury ‘the communicating expert’ began his retrograde cycle. He will continue this cycle until the 26th of this month. During the retrograde, Mercury becomes the trickster, who ‘appears’ to be in reverse, and putting our communications into a backward motion, as ‘forward thinking’ halts in a […]