Searching Behind The Veil, Mercury enters Scorpio

With the release of highly emotional energy from Friday’s Full Moon, this week should be a bit more relaxed. Monday’s Taurus Moon encourages us to pour sensitivities into a conservative mode, where we can be productive in areas of our work, home, and/or personal development. As positive energy gradually increases, our load begins to lighten as […]

Cosmic Dirt, September 23 2012

Moon in Capricorn encourages a need to get things done today. We’re probably feeling much more ambitious now, and our natural work ethics begin to rise and shift things around. As Sun quincunx Neptune, opportunities exist to bring imagination to life, although doubts can appear as Luna squares Mercury. As we come to this halfway […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: September 23, 2011, Leading with Grace, Sun enters Libra

Glorious Sun joins Venus (values, love, money) and Saturn (responsibilities, discipline) in Libra for the next four weeks. The facts of our lives become illuminated, which allows us to see everything much more clearly, and as is. Judgments and opinions on our relationships, and on ourselves, are more fair and realistic as we base opinions on […]