Cosmic Dirt Astrology, March 30, 2012

Our inner sparkle could feel intimidated, which would only distract us from our day’s work as Luna squares rebellious Uranus and cowardly Sun. As Moon opposes seductive Pluto, it may be helpful to visualize ourselves beneath a strong helmet and protective uniform. By doing this, we can dodge unintentional barbs, as well as unhealthy associations, […]

Daily Astrology: January 24

We’re eager to rise and shine today as Luna trines Mars early this morning. We’re bringing our own sunshine! As Moon breezes through Libra, we’re cool, calm, and collected ~ especially with no aspects during the day. If you need some astrological direction about what to do with this energy, you can always refer back […]

Saturday January 8, 2011 Horoscope

Happy weekend! The Pisces Moon allows our day to be filled with the comforts on pleasure. We’re dreamy, cozy, and happy wherever we hang our hat. Favorable energy for creative spirits, forgiving, healing, helping others, listening, and being available to spread love. We have just one aspect today, a Moon/Pluto sextile this morning that enhances […]