Cosmic Dirt, September 22 2012, My Life by Choice, Sun in Libra, Fall Equinox

While the Sun has been in Virgo, we’ve been busy improving our world, while forming New Moon seeds to honor our sacred inner temple. Today we celebrate the the Fall Equinox and the balance of night and day, but also the shift as Sun enters balanced Libra for the next four weeks. I’m sure you […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: September 23, 2011, Leading with Grace, Sun enters Libra

Glorious Sun joins Venus (values, love, money) and Saturn (responsibilities, discipline) in Libra for the next four weeks. The facts of our lives become illuminated, which allows us to see everything much more clearly, and as is. Judgments and opinions on our relationships, and on ourselves, are more fair and realistic as we base opinions on […]