Cosmic Dirt Astrology, July 23, 2012

The Virgo Moon quietly reminds us today, to take care of our responsibilities. This is favorable energy for business meetings, as well as for having ‘the talk’ with loved ones. Virgo Moon boosts our need for order, so we could spend much of the day cleaning, organizing, filing, working on finances, and on ourselves. We […]

Accusations, Self-Realization. Don’t Assume, Ask. Tarot Affirmations with The Hermit

Tarot Affirmations are positive statements for shifting energy, centering ourselves, energizing our mojo. They help to improve our perspective, while encouraging confidence and productivity. The method is simple and can involve creative visualization (which I include the tarot) but you must be determined to put the effort in, to invigorate higher vibrations. Use meditative affirmations WHENEVER you […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: Saturday March 5

Aspects are few today, so enjoy this cloudless day. Yesterday’s New Moon in Pisces is still energized, and wants to make sure that we’re comfortable as we let go of unnecessary emotional attachments. Our focus should be like that old eighties tune, ‘Don’t worry, be happy’. Hmm, or like that old seventies tune ‘Live and […]

Cosmic Dirt Horoscope: January 26, Saturn Retrogrades

The Scorpio Moon feels vulnerable to the most minor vibrations, and can have us withdrawing back into our own safe surroundings. As Luna sextiles Pluto this morning, pay attention to dreams as they speak, but if you’re out of the house, use inner strength to concentrate on our work to feel in control, especially as […]